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December 2001

Q.1 : Osama Bin Laden has been releasing press statements recently on the "Al Jazeera channel". I am told that this is an Arab Television Station. Do provide some information about this channel. Can it be received in Pakistan? What are the parameters?

Ans: You are correct, the Al Jazeera channel was started in 1996 by Sheik Hamad, based in Qatar, which is a part of the UAE. Al Jazeera means “The Peninsula” in Arabic. Though it receives a $30 million annual subsidy from the Qatar government, it is not government controlled. The Al Jazeera channel can be received in Pakistan from the Arabsat 2A satellite located at 26 degrees East. It is an analog free to air channel. Its transmission parameters are 4123 MHz, Right Hand Circular Polarization, with the audio carriers spaced at 6.6 and 7.5 MHz.

Q.2 : Your magazine is the best in Pakistan! Please tell me which sports channels are available in Pakistan and which of these are free. I have seen on CNN that many clips of matches (cricket) have the logo SNTV. Is it a sports channel? If so, please mention as to how to receive it. Also please tell me as to how to receive sports feeds, which are transmitted during live matches?

Ans: Thank you for your kind comments about our magazine. There are only four sports channels available in Pakistan: ESPN, STAR SPORTS, DD SPORTS, SUPER SPORTS. All these are scrambled and pay services requiring the use of a decoder to receiver them. We are not aware of any other sports channel, available in Pakistan. The SNTV Channel that you mention is a recently started Shopping Network Television channel, beamed from the Thaicom 3 satellite. It does not carry any sports clips. On some occasions you may be able to receive live cricket matches from the PTV satellite service, also on the Thaicom 3 bird. Reception details are available from the channel guide listings on our magazine as well as updated charts are also available on our website's directional charts.

Q.3 : How can I upgrade software from PC to a digital satellite receiver via the RS 232 serial connector? Please guide me what should I do. My PC configuration is: Pentium III 450 MHz, 32 MB SD RAM, Intel Chipset Mother board, Sis6326 AGP, 20 GB Hard Disc, Windows 98 Ver2. Digital Receiver CDVB2000B?

Ans: Besides a serial connecting cord between your PC and the satellite receiver you will need the appropriate software. Your best bet for the software would be check the receiver manufacturer’s website. The software is available free of charge. However, it is not guaranteed to work with all digital satellite receivers. All the Best!

Q.4 : I am a regular reader of your Dish channels magazine. I have a query about JC-Sat 3 located at 128 deg. East. I am at Karachi, East. I would like to receive the Hollywood channel and some other free to air channels from the satellite. Does JC Satz3 covers A.P? Can I receive this by using an 8ft dish, and a FTA digital receiver?

Ans: I am not sure about the precise location of your network and so I am providing the C Band footprint of the JC Sat 3 satellite. The C Band signals have an excellent coverage all part of the country with an 8ft dish, The Hollywood Channel is a scrambled channel and required the use of an authorized Viaccess decoder supplied by the channel. The other channels mentioned do not cover Pakistan.

Q.5 : I am in Sialkot. I cannot receive the DD World Channel on the Thaicom 3 satellite @ 78.5 E. The Doordarshan Channel has suddenly disappeared. I can’t see any Indian News or any DD news. Please help?

Ans: The DD World Channel is not available on the Thaicom 3 satellite any more. It has been moved to the Doordarshan Mux on PAS 10 on downlink frequency of 4034 V with SR of 19565 and FEC ¾ The same Mux also carries the DD National, DD News and DD Metro channels.

Q.6 : Hello Sir, can you tell me, What is HDTV of DTH…? Are they available now, in Pakistan? Thanks

Ans: Dear Ahmed, HDTV is High Definition TV, and offers better picture quality compared to a normal TV. DTH is yet to commence over Pakistan. Toady, Pakistan Cable TV offers the best, “Value For Money” entertainment of Pakistan homes. DTH, if & when it starts, will not only be more expensive, but will offer fewer channels.

Q.7 : I have been reading your magazine for five years. This magazine is very good in the broadcast arena & it provides the latest update on news & happenings within the Cable TV industry. I am franchisee of e-Zone Multi media. Can you provide information on how many areas in Clifton, e-Zone Multimedia Cable reaches?

Ans: Thank you for your message & appreciation for our work. E-Zone multimedia cable Network now reaches over 7 locations in Clifton.

Q.8 : What is the LNB LO frequency, which should be entered in the receiver setup menu while using KU band universal LNBF? Other than universal KU Band LNB, there are other type (frequency range) of KU LNB(S) also available. What is the range for these? What will be the local oscillator frequency for other than universal Ku LNB. What is the formula to calculate L.O. frequency? As for NORMAL C Band reception we enter 5150 as L.O. frequency. To receive a signal transmitted in Extended C BAND, what will be L.O. frequency as Input is 3.4 Ghz to 4.2 Ghz & output is 950 to 1750 Mhz?

Ans: A Ku Band Universal LNB, is capable of reception in both – the Ku Band Low (10.7 to 11.7 Ghz) & the Ku band High (11.7 to 12.75 Ghz). For the Ku Band Low, it uses a LO (Local Oscillator) frequency of 9.75 Ghz. For the Ku band high, it uses a LO frequency of 10.6 Ghz. Earlier versions of Ku Band LNBs split the 10.7 to 12.75 Ghz into 3 separate bands, requiring 3 separate LNBs, to cover the entire Ku band! Of course only one of the 3 was purchased & mounted on the dish, depending on the Ku Band frequency of interest. The Universal Ku band LNB elegantly provided reception over the entire Ku band, from a single LNB. All LNBs utilize the “Heterodyne” principle to lower the received Satellite Reception frequency (S, C, or Ku Bands) to the range of 950Mhz to 2050 MHz that can be received by all – Analog & digital satellite receivers. The incoming signal (S, C or Ku Band) is made to beat (clash) with a fixed frequency, generated locally within the LNB, by a Local Oscillator. The output is the sum & difference of the I/p & the LO. The sum of the frequencies will be produced at a much higher frequency & is discarded. The Local Oscillator frequency is chosen so that the Difference of the i/p and the LO freq. Lies in the frequency band of 950 Mhz to 2050 Mhz. All C Band LNBs that operate upto 4.2 Ghz (eg 3.4 Ghz to 4.2 Ghz), including Extended C Band LNBs, use a LO freq. Of 5150 Mhz. Where the LNB is used for reception of 4.2 Ghz to 4.8 Ghz, an LO freq. Of 5.95 Ghz is typically used. However, such LNBs are rare, and no “standard” LO freq. really exists for these LNBs. S Band LNB usually are designed for reception from 2.5 Ghz to 2.7 Ghz. They use a LO freq. of 3.65 Ghz (Note: 1 Ghz = 1000 Mhz Hence 3.65 Ghz = 3650 Mhz). This is intended to be just a quick reply, to help you set your receiver. I have actually responded to a similar query, in an earlier Trouble Shooter column.


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