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December 2000

Q.1 : Please answer my following questions: a. What is a decoder? Is my Euro 9200 a decoder? b. What is CAM? c. How many different types of CAMs are there and can I use all of them on my Euro 9200? d. How do I know which to use?

Ans: Any Digital Satellite Receiver that is capable of decoding the scrambled channels (In other words pay channels) is known as a Decoder. The Euro 9200 is a Digital Satellite Decoder with embedded Irdeto CAM. b. CAM stands for conditional Access module (PCMCIA Card). It’s a piece of hardware which is to be sued with the appropriate smart cards to view any scrambled channels. c. There are five types of CAMs. Viaccess and Irdeto are the most widely used CAMs in the Middle East region. The Irdeto CAM is already embedded in the DSR. The Euro 9200 is designed to support all the types of CAMs. d. The able and well trained staff of Eurostar shall attend to all your queries. Please call the Eurostar helpline at the below given telephone numbers to clear all your doubts. In a nutshell, the Euro 9200 is designed to support channels and packages li8ke Showtime, ART and all other channels that are that may be scrambled and also those channels like NITV that may be scrambled in the future. EuroStar Helpline: +971-4-2241244.

Q.2 : I live in Hyderabad. I have a Satellite Digital Receiver Decoder DSI 175C/05G and a LNB 9.75-10.6 GHz. I have tried to receive that Chinese TV CNE from Astra 2a. But I can not receive right signal. Can you help me? Thank you very much!

Ans: Just move your dish to the HOTBIRD-position (13deg. East) – or much better use a dual-feed for both satellites – and go to 12.169 GHz, horizontal, 27.500, FEC 5/6 and catch CCTV-4 here on a 24h/day basis.

Q.3 : For a given frequency in the KU band, for the reception of TV signals, is a solid dish better than a mesh dish? If so, please explain. Also I know that the “holes” in a mesh could effect the reception of signals in either the C or Ku bands. If this is so, why are there mesh dishes? Thank you and best regards.

Ans: A accurate made mesh-dish delivers in Ku-band a signal strength with the factor of 0.8, compared to a accurate made solid dish. This means you can compare a 3m mesh-dish with 2.4m solid dish. Much better is a double-mesh antenna. The holes are small enough to reflect a KU-band signal without too small enough to reflect a KU-band signal without too much losses, but still is not very strong to keep always a perfect parabolic shape (wind/change of temperatures). On the other hand, a strong and accurate made mesh dish will survive easier the full load of a storm. The mesh is a relict out of the old c-band age and works fine on this frequency-range.

Q.4 : I got a used SA 9223 and would like to convert this box into DVB-standard. I remember you found a solution some years ago. Could you provide us with the necessary changes of hard/software we have to do?

Ans: The conversion is quite easy, but it never will truth out to be 100% DVB, but anyway it is working and you can save a lot of money: Please use ONLY the function-keys on the front panel. Press MENU press USER press NEXT press 6 press USER press YES press VIEW and That is all!

Q.5 : I’m looking for a reference online that can tell me that true all magnetic difference worldwide. Can you help me? I need it to setup in my dish. I’m at 49.68N, 8.02E by the map, but I have no way to tell what the magnetic to true conversion angle is?

Ans: The magnetic variation for your region is 5.0W. The modified polar elevation is 39.67 degrees and adjust your polarmount for true south (181.3 deg.) correct, a reference satellite could be EUTELSAT at 7deg. East with only 1 deg. Correction. Calculations are made with Satmaster Pro.

Q.6 : Recently I read in the Khaleej Time Press that Pakistan Television would be broadcasting live in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately I was unable to find any other information as to what system it would be broadcasting on or any other information, i.e. pay channel, time of broadcast etc. Please could you help me acquire this information, I would be most grateful.

Ans: PTV from Pakistan transmits currently via the 1 deg. West position in MPEG-II DVB at 11.014 GHz, horizontal (26.000 Msymb/sec and FEC: 3/4). PID-Codes: Video 515, Audio 652 and for PCR use 515. AT this moment the transmissions are Free to Air and nothing is known about future encoding of this signal.

Q.7 : I would like to be able to receive “Deutsche Welle” via satellite. I want to buy as much equipment as possible here in Pakistan. I’d be very grateful if someone could answer my question? Thanks in advance.

Ans: DW-TV transmits to Austria via ASIASAT 2 on 100.5 deg. East, transponder 10B (4.000 GHz), Pol: Horizontal in MPEG-2 inside the European Bouquet. You could use a NOKIA 9200/9600, because it offers much more choice, since these receiver-types are able to work on MCPC and SCPC.

Q.8 : Can you tell me what does DSTV mean? The number of its channels and the size of the dish required to receive this package?

Ans: DSTV mean Digital Satellite Television. The number of channels this package include is 32 channels, but all of these are decoded channels. You have to subscribe to this channel. This is also called South African package.

Q.9 : I want to buy Humax IRCI 5400 Digital Receiver. Please tell me what is its price and from where it is available?

Ans: The price of Humax IRCI 5400 Digital Receiver is Rs. 11,500. It is available in the market in Karachi. The price varies in the market.

Q.10 : I want to watch decoder channels. How can I watch Star Network and Sky Sports? Please also tell me about digital decoder. Can it pick up all the decoder channels? Please guide me. I have a digital receiver with 6ft solid dish. Tell me in detail?

Ans: If you want to watch Star TV Network you have to buy Star decoder and you also have to pay the subscription of Star TV Network this is called Star Package. Sky Sports is not available in Pakistan. You cannot watch Star Package without Star Decoder. Star TV Dish required 7ft Solid fiber Dish.


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