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November 2006

Q.1 : I am trying satellite television to replace my cable TV. Can you tell me where I can find the most objective comparison of the various systems offered? (Hassan Ali, Iraq)

Ans: To help people like you, we are testing for each issue of Dish Channels up to five receivers (digital and analogue), antennas, lnb's and related equipment. A one-year subscription is much cheaper then shopping around and pay for the wrong equipment. Have a look at: Here you will found different kinds of receivers.

Q.2 : 2 I am attempting to receive the UBC digital broadcast from Thaisat (already have a smartcard and decoder) and I have been told that in order to do so I need a "LNB Ku Band Low Noise Amplifier" but they are not available in Indonesia. Can you please tell me where I can purchase one of these. (Paul, Jakarta

Ans: This means you would need a high-band LNB for the Ku-band (running usually from 11.7 to 12.75 GHz). Try in Jakarta: THOMSON CSF, phone: 7250232 to get one or at least some advice. Next one: have a look on the advertisement pages of dish Channels. Many European companies have no problems to export such a LNB to Indonesia. As a European LNB you could use also the cheaper "Telecom"-version, which runs from 12.5 to 12.75 GHz

Q.3 : I was trying to find more details about HUMAX F1-VIAC1 but so far was not able to find at least their website. Can you help please ? (Imtiaz Hussain, Islamabad)

Ans: That is the reason we are making a worldwide-distributed satellite magazine to inform you about new developments in the world of satellite TV and communications. Just have a look at back page of our magazine and visit the Humax Website. You will find all answers of your questions here

Q.4 : I live in Switzerland. I have a Satellite digital Receiver Decoder DSI 175C/05G and a LNB 9.75-10.6 GHz. I have tried to receive the Chinese TV CNE from Astra 2a. But I cannot receive right signal. can you help me? Thank you very much. (Jan Huu, Switzerland)

Ans: Just move your dish to the HOTBIRD-position (13 degr.East) - or much better use a dual-feed for both satellites and go to 12.169 GHz, horizontal, 27.500, FEC 5/6 and catch CCTV-4 here on a 24h/day basis

Q.5 : Dear sir, I have a digital & analog receiver. My digital receiver is STR4500. I am looking for update it's programme by using computer interface but I didn't find the requirement software on web all what I find is about Nokia and up.......... could you help me. I will be very thankful for you if you provide me with all info about updating digital receiver by computer. (Amjad, Karachi)

Ans: : allows channel updating of all receivers able to be updated by the industry standard. Good luck for you.

Q.6 : Could you tell me on which satellite Sahara TV is? This is an Indian TV Channel. I checked all the INSAT satellites but it isn’t listed on any of them. (Aryan, Hyderabad)

Ans: As for Sahara TV, you should have a look at Asiasat 3S located at 105.5 east. There you will find an entire package of Sahara TV channels on 4020 vertical, SR 27250


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