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November 2004

Q.1 : I had a 4 feet fiber dish and 8 feet solid dish. I came to know recently that code system is coming to an end from the digital receivers. Is it right? I want to buy such a receiver which have code and card both the facilities. Is there any card which have the same cam name? Asif, Umerkot

Ans: If you want to buy another digital receiver, than Starsat is the best for you. You may watch the card channels free to air due to this receiver. There is no chances of the pin code syetem to come to an end.

Q.2 : Does the Nokia 9600CI have its own positioner or do I have to use it in conjuction with my existing Echostar 5550 to change position. Tariq Hussain, Abbotabad

Ans: Sorry for you! Still you have to use a external positioner. In your case it would be the SR5500. In conjuction with DiSEqC and the STAB-positioner you could control a separate antenna. Just for digital transmissions. The same is possible with the Lemon the analogue/digital receiver (still not available). More then 1100 programs, feeds and data-channels on 30 different channels are today digital available.

Q.3 : I would like to receive China RadioInternational via satellite to improve my knowledge of the language. Shortwave would be away, but this depends very much on weather conditions. So satellite-recpetion would be thebetter way. My satellite equipment: 6m dish with c/ku-band and two LT-receivers. Anychance to get this station? Mohammad Shoaib, Karachi

Ans: Your equipment is just right to receive the ASIASAT on 105.5 degr, east. Thissatellite transmitts CRI on 4.160 GHz in FDM. And here we got the problem, because youwill a audio-receiver with the frequency range between 0 and around 5 MHz.

Q.4 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. I am reading your magazine since last years. I want to know that what will be the future of analogue receivers? I am not able to receive DD Jaipur signals. I have a 6 ft fiber dish. Please solve my prlblem? (Ghulam Mustafa, Ghotki)

Ans: You had not mentioned in your letter that you want to receive DD channels in digital or analogue formates. The costs of digital broadcastings are low as compared to analogue. This is the only reason that analogue are comming to digital. In the near futrure, hope that all the channels will be digital.

Q.5 : I have a lazer digital receiver model 2003. The DiSEqC is of four pen. I am receiving four satellites through it. I want to add two more satellites. Please tell me the procedure? (Mohammad Khan, Balochistan)

Ans: In order to receive more than four satellites, you will have to use 12 volt switch. It is available in price range of 250 to 300 Rs in Karachi.

Q.6 : It is my first letter to any magazine. I have a startrack world inbox CI digital receiver. I want to see Hotbird, Eutelsat W2 and Nilesat. Let me know the CAM, card name and size of dish to receive these satellites? (Mohammad Asif, Reheem Yar Khan)

Ans: Eutelsat W2 and Nilesat are not able to be received in Raheem Yar Khan. However, you may try to receive. Nilesat by Startrack digital receiver and Eight feet fiber dish. Most channels are broadcasted on decoder. The card are very expensive in market.

Q.7 : I want to watch ESPN, Star Sports and Ten Sports channels. There is no cable network system in our area. So I want to buy a DTH package. Which one will be suitable. How is the DTH package of Dish TV. How many sports channels they have? what are its expenses? (Mazeruddin, Lakimarwat)

Ans: You will have to buy the DTH family package of star TV. Its price is fourteen thousands rupees along with decoder and six months subscription fees. While you will have also to submit Ten thousands and Two hundred rupees after the card exiles. Ten sports is only for cable operators. Dish TV price is only eight thousand. Its not available in Pakistan yet.

Q.8 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. I have a six feet dish and via 9000 digital receiver. I want to watch Arabsat 2C/2D/3A. I also want to want America Plus on Ku band. How it will be easily available on analogue receiver? (Fazal Subhan, Mardan)

Ans: Thanks for writing to us. Put a frequency 11325 V in analogue receiver. Receive the channels by Ku band LNB. Hotbird analogue channels will also be received on this frequency and parameters. You will come to see a green color flag here. Try to receive the channels in better quality here. Then on your analogue receiver and search Arabsat 2A. You will soon receive this satellite. America Plus channel is only on decoder. Its annual fees is fifty six thousand rupees. Its for cable operators only.

Q.9 : Its my second letter to your magazine. Let me know about the Multifocus LNB, its price and place of availability. Is it useful in Pakistan. Will the pin codes useful for Super Max 6000CI receiver? (Mohammad Azam, Quetta)

Ans: Trowdil dish is not available in Pakistan. It may be easily used for seventeen Ku band LNB's. The price of multifocus dish is nine thousand rupees. Supermax is suitable for all types of pincodes. Remote codes may be put in Cam only. These are used alone, Mr codes are used in all conditional access receiver. You may enjoy more channels by updating your receiver. Pin codes had been started for our readers.

Q.10 : I have a digital Alworld receiver and Eight feet dish. I want to Norway channels. I am fond of wrestling too. Which satellite is broadcasting the WWE wrestling. What are its timings? (Nadeem Jan, Balochistan)

Ans: WWE wrestling is only available on Ten Sports in Pakistan. Its only for cable operators. However, many more satellites are broadcasting wrestling programmes like Star Sports China (Asiasat 3S), HTB (Yamal Sat) and Eurosport (W1 Sat). Tming schedules are different.

Q.11 : I am very fond of satellite technology. I am always in search of new programmes. How I will set the dish? I don't konw how to set the Thaicom degree. Is there any equipment in the market for dish setting. What about vectone hind and urdu? (Hamad Akhtar, Lahore)

Ans: Looksat is available in Germany for dish setting. Try to give attention to the directional chart in our magazine and know the satellite position. Vectone Hindi and Urdu are still on Hotbird. Try to set your dish from expert.

Q.12 : I am a mechanic. I want ot know about different types of receivers. Let me know how to upgrade the receiver and feed the data. what about code changes? (Aslam, Abbotabad)

Ans: Market is full of conditional access pin codes receivers. Pin codes is used in these receivers to watch scrambled channels. Many satellite channels update their versions in order to keep them safe from piracy. So the audience get disturbed by it many times. With the passage of time, an updated version is available in market. Receiver is upgraded by two methods from PC to receiver and receiver to receiver.

Q.13 : I want to watch Hotbird. I have eight feet dish and lazer receiver. I am not able to set the dish on the wall due to its large size. So I bought a new small dish on friend advice, which is capable of ten feet dish. Let me know about it? (Mohammad Khan, Balochistan)

Ans: Set you eight feet fiber dish from expert. Otherwise give a height of three feet to the dish frame. The steal dish is also used for this purpose. But you will need eight feet pipe to get Hotbird channels in this way.


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