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November 2003

Q.1 : I Would like to receive the DD Bharti Channel. On which satellite can I receive it ? (Zahid Kamal, Faisal Abad)

Ans: DD Bharati, DD Sports and DD International are all three available as free-to-air channels on the PAS 10 satellite.

Q.2 : I am ardent reader of your magazine since 1998 and I would like to pay my gratitude for keeping me upto date in this everchanging industry. I am using a Winersat make digital receiver for my personal use and in the menu of this receiver I find "Radio Receiver". What does this mean? (Azeem Bhatti, Karachi)

Ans: Some transponders carry Radio "channels" along with TV channels. The Radio channels are actually little more than separate audio sub carriers. These radio channels can be received Free, when you tune in to them, through your digital satellite receiver. For example, the European Bouquet (DW TV and others) on AsiaSat 2S, carries several radio channels.Even the Aaj Tak Transponder, carries the company's FM Radio station, as a separate audio sub carrier.

Q.3 : I have a digital satellite receiver and want to receive any FM channel aired from Delhi or Mumbai, here at Jammu by using this or any other receiver. I will not mind if I have to pay some subscription amount to these FM stations. (Ajmal , Kashmir)

Ans: No subscription fee is payable. Ofcourse WORLDSPACE offers Pay Radio, through its own satellite. However, these programs cannot be received on a regular Digital Satellite receiver, you will need to buy a WORLDSPACE Radio for that, and pay a monthly fee.

Q.4 : I used to watch MTV free of charge. I now want to watch Asianet and Kairali which broadcast from the Hotbird3 satellite. Is there any way I can still watch all the above channels without having three dishes on my wall?( Rizwan Shah, Quetta)

Ans: Your best option is to buy a 'little extra' type bracket and LNB for your old analogue dish. This will enable you to switch between Astra 1 at 19.2 degrees east and Hot Bird, 13 degrees east from just one antenna.

Q.5 : I currently receive ARD, ZDF, WDR and many others from Germany, as well as Eurosport free to air. This suits me fine but I understand they will all go digital in time. Will they still be free to air and what will I have to upgrade in order to continue receiving them? (Mohammad Naseer, Swat)

Ans: These channels will probably switch off their analogue signal. This is largely because millions of people only receive TV with analogue satellite equipment instead of terrestrial antennas. Many of the ARD and ZDF channels you mention are already available digitally and free-to-air via Astra 19.2 degrees east. If you want to receive them then all you need is a free-to-air digital set-top box available from companies like Nokia, Samsung and Humax.

Q.6 : I am the permanent reader of your magazine. It provides latest information about satellites India launch Insat 3E some time ago. As there any channel started from the same satellite? (Muneer Zaman, Bannu)

Ans: The launch of Insat 3E has been delayed again, because of the need to retest the 36 solid state power amplifiers. As soon as it start its broadcasting, we will mention it in our magazine.

Q.7 : I am living in one of the small village. I read your magazine regularly. There is a big mountain in front of our home. I have a SX-9800 digital receiver and eight feet dish. I had tried my best to watch the programmes of Hotbird, but still not succeeded. I am receiving the C-band channels well. I shall be very obliged to you. If you kindly provide me information about it? (Sultan Ali, Swat)

Ans: As you had mentioned in your letter, that there is a big mountain. So this is the great obstacle, due to which you are not able to receive Hotbird signals. Secondly, change your dish from 8ft to 12ft, it will help you to receive all the signals of Hotbird in good condition.

Q.8 : I bought a Fortec Star Digital Receiver some time ago. I used to watch Zee TV and Sahara TV by Fortec Star. The ad of Star Plus is clear, but I am not able to receive the picture. Please guide us about it? (Khuram Shehzad, Lahore)

Ans: If you want to see Star Plus, then you will have to buy a decoder, which will help you to watch its all programmes.

Q.9 : Dear Sir, I am not able to get the signals of Hotbird with 8ft. Dish. The signals of Globe Cost are very week on it. Please guide me. (Asif Khan, Tando Adam)

Ans: To receive the signals of Hotbird well, you will have to implement the 12ft. Dish antenna. It will enable you to receive all the signals of the satellite in a good way.

Q.10 : I am a regular reader of your worthy magazine for the last two years. We want to receive all the channels of Sony, Star Plus and Zee. Is it possible to receive all these channels with one decoder or digital receiver? Tell us the name of any best digital satellite receiver in the market these days? (Niaz Ahmed Baloch, Arif Wala)

Ans: Thank you for reading our magazine. You may watch Sony, Star Plus and Zee Network with one receiver. You will have to buy a Neosat SX 7000 universal digital receiver. But you have to put the Multicam, which will surely enable u to watch all these channels safely.

Q.11 : I am writing to you for the first time. I have Opentel Digital Receiver. I have put a stin CAM in it. I am receiving all the channels of Zee on it. Now I want to see the channels of Star Plus. How will I receive these channels? I am waiting for your suggestion. (Saeed Ahmed, Turbat)

Ans: Thank you very much for writing us. In order to watch the Star Plus Channels, you will have to buy the decoder, which will enable you to watch all the channels of Star Plus.

Q.12 : I get a chance to read your magazine for the first time and found it well. It is full of satellite information. It guides us well about satellite problems. I have a keen interest to watch wrestling programmes. Please tell me that which satellite is broadcasting the WWE wresting programmes and also tell me their timings? (Rana Faisal Hassan, Laya)

Ans: We are trying our best to make the magazine according to the standard of our readers. Still now, there is no live wresting programme on any satellite. You may watch the TMT channel on Yamel Satellite and wresting programme on Sport Asia on Friday. Dubai Sports is also broadcasting the wresting prog. On Sunday & Friday.

Q.13 : I am the regular reader of your magazine, but writing to you for the first time. I have a Opentel Digital Satellite Receiver ODS 2000 CI. I want to watch all the channels of NSS 703 Satellite, but still I am not able to receive it. I also want to replace my satellite receiver, so that I may watch all the channels of NSS 703. Which receiver will be the best for it. Please guide me well. (Dr. Habib Rehman, Balochistan)

Ans: Thanks for interest in our magazine. All the channels of NSS 703 are almost clear and a digital receiver can receive it well. There must be some internal problem in your receiver. If you want to buy a new receiver, than Neosat SX 9800 CI is the best digital receiver. It will enable you to watch all the channels of NSS in good condition.

Q.14 : I am writing a letter to your magazine for the first time and I hope that you will publish it. I have a Neosat SX 9600 Digital receiver. I want to watch Abu Dhabi TV and Behrain TV. Kindly tell me their frequencies and symbol rates? (Zafar, Peshawar)

Ans: We are going to publish your letter with answer. The frequency of Abu Dhabi TV and Behrain TV is 11843, while symbol rates are 27500. You may watch it with 10ft dish.

Q.15 : I have Nokia 9200 Digital receiver and eight ft dish. I want to watch Future TV USA. Which satellite is broadcasting it and also tell me its frequency and symbol rates? (Muheeb, Multan)

Ans: Yes, you may watch the Future TV USA with eight ft dish, but ten ft fiber dish will suite you well. The frequency of Future TV USA is 3827 and symbol rate is 5612.


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