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November 2001

Q.1 : Dear editor can you give me the information, when Canal + Technologies and Orbit Channels launch? I am very thankful if you provide me the details?

Ans: Canal + Technologies and The Orbit Satellite Television and Radio Network, the leading satellite pay-television provider in the Middle East, North Africa and the Levant, announced on October 8 that they have successfully deployed the first digital set-top boxes broadcasting Orbit’s services along with interactive applications in the Middle East. The launch followed last winter’s licensing contracts between Orbit and Canal + Technologies to supply its interactive system Media Highway and its conditional access system Media Guard and integrate them in Orbit’s new generation of digital set-up boxes. The launch involves the initial deployment of a large quantity of Sagem digital set-top boxes in 23 countries. Orbit subscribers will now be able to access interactive applications such as navigation tools, channel lists and instant programming information. Pay-per-view services also scheduled to be deployed in the first quarter of 2002, and additional closed-caption applications (in French and Arabic) will be added later on that year.

Q.2 : Dear trouble shooter of Dish Channels, I read your magazine every month. Sir, if you have any information for the launching of first commercial interactive TV service in Australia? Please give me the detail in your Question & Answer column. Thanks?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our magazine. Austar United Communications on October 8 launched the first commercial interactive TV service in Australia, using Open TV as a platform for its launch of a full suite of interactive TV applications. These applications include an electronic programmed guide (EPG), information portal, news and weather services, t-commerce abilities (branded as Quick Shop), t-mail and games (supporting both free play and subscription models). These services utilize both the broadcast and two-way interactive TV services. These service are part of Austar’s previously announced plans to provide a range of communication and entertainment services to its more than 300,000 set-top boxes in a service are of 2.1 million homes, reaching over 1.2 million viewers. Austar United Communications is a leading provider of integrated communications services: voice, video and data in Australia and New Zealand. Austar United Communications is part of the United Global Com international group.

Q.3 : Dear editor of Dish Channels, this is my first question, which I am asking you. Sir I want to know that when Al-Jazeera TV adds Optus Television channel? Please give the information in your magazine? Thank you

Ans: Dear Ahmed, the Qatar satellite TV station Al-Jazeera last week became a timely addition to the portfolio of channels offered by Australian pay-TV provider Optus Television. An Optus spokes-woman told AAP the channel, owned by the Qatar Government and a key broadcaster in the Arabic world, went live on Optus cable on October 1. Butshe denied the channel’s introduction was opportunistic in light of its key involvement in the current outbreak of terrorist-inspired warfare. “We began negotiating to carry the channel more than six months ago,” she said. Direct-to-home satellite services broadcast throughout the Asia Pacific region also began carrying the full al-Jazeera channel last week. Ethnic pay-TV content provider, World Media In ternational (WMI), distributor of the station in Australia, estimated about 20,000 households now had access to al-Jazeera through cable and satellite.

Q.4 : Dear Editor when I was in Dubai I read in the magazine that Jeddah-based pay TV group Arab Radio and television is considering the launch of an English language channel. Sir Please give me the detail? Thank You

Ans: Jeddah-based pay-TV group Arab Radio and Television is considering the launch of an English language channel aimed to opening the West’s eyes to Arab culture, ART chairman Saleh Kamel announced at the MIPCOM television market. If it gets off the ground, the channel would be based in London. Kamel said he hopes it would be distributed on the United Kingdom’s British Sky Broadcasting platform and EchoStar in the United States.

Q.5 : Sir, I want to watch Super Sports International, TV Land, America Plus and Super Movies, What should I do or which equipment I have to install and on which Satellite they are located?

Ans: Dear, You will get all the above channels. You have to buy Multi-Choice Digital receiver and Smart car and 10ft fiberglass solid dish. This smart card you have to subscribe for the receiving all the above channels. You mention the above channels; these are available on different packages and on different Satellite. One package is called Showtime and other one is Orbit Packages. Show time package is available on Nilesat and Orbit package is available on Arabsat 2A.

Q.6 : Dear Sir, I am your oldest reader of Dish Channels magazine, Sir now these days I am facing the problem, on my receiver Hotbird 13 degree East some channels are crystal clear but some are available with poor quality. Please tell me how can I solved my problem?

Ans: Than you for your entrust in our magazine, you can solve problem, when you change the dish and cable. You need 10ft fiberglass dish and good quality of a cable. If you do that you can receive all channels of HOTBIRD 13-degree east.

Q.7 : Sir, I want to buy Digital FTA receiver for receiving digital channels, and my second question which size of the to receive all digital FTA channels. Please help me?

Ans: If you want to buy FTA digital receiver, my suggestion buy Neosat and Eurobox these are the best receivers for receiving the digital channels. The maximum size of the dish to receive is 10ft fiberglass and Aluminum dish and best quality of LNB.

Q.8 : Sir can you please tell me, is there any K.U. Band LNB in the market having two out puts, through which my neighbor and I can receive HOTBIRD digital signal from a single dish and LNB? Please give me the answer? Thank you

Ans: Yes, there are as many as four outputs of LNB in K.U. Band that are available in the market, through that LNB you and your neighbor can receive HOTBIRD digital signal from one dish individually. The price of that LNB in the market is 3,500/= but the price varies in the market.


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