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October 2007

Q.1 : Q: I read Dish Channels regularly, but don’t know much about satellite receiver installation and getting more channels. How do I get the satellite channels on my other TV's? (Saqib Nadeem, Multan)

Ans: Assuming you have all the rooms connected together with your existing cable wiring, you can connect the satellite receiver "Out to TV" output to any cable jack in the wall. Then when you switch any TV in your house to the appropriate channel, that TV will receive the satellite channel. If you don't have the S-Video, or the Video and Left and Right Audio RCA jacks on the back of the main TV, you can use a two way splitter from the "Out to TV" to connect the main TV and the cable jack in the wall. In this example, all connected TV's will get the same satellite channel. A Dish 500 system comes with one receiver and a remote control. To watch two different satellite channels on different TV's at the same time, you will need a Dish 500 system and a second receiver. For three different satellite channels, you need the Dish 500 system and two extra receivers. For four different satellite channels, you need the Dish 500 system and 3 extra receivers.

Q.2 : I know I have the dish hooked up right, but I can't find the satellites. What should I do? (Tahir Mehmood, Abbotabad)

Ans: Remember, the satellites are 22,300 miles away. You have to set the azimuth or the East/West angle and the elevation angle. There is also a skew angle on the back of the Dish 500, but it's much easier if you align the dish for the primary satellite first, then, set the skew angel. Tighten the dish on the mount, then loosen it just enough so it will turn. However, when you do this the front of the dish drops a little, so reach underneath the front and lifts it up enough to hold the elevation. Be careful not to block the signal with your hand. You can slip something like a business card behind the sleeve, next to the mount at the top to help hold the dish up and still allow you to turn it.

Q.3 : : If I put the dish on an outside wall, will the roof overhang cause a problem? (Ghulam Qadir, Hyderabad)

Ans: The signal comes in about 20 degrees above the dish. Therefore, a large overhang could block the signal if the dish is too high and too close. If you have a large overhang, have someone hold the dish in place and take a good look at the side view to be sure you have clearance.

Q.4 : I have been trying to find an answer on the web, and have researched and found nothing much, here was my original question: Why can't I get satellite feed from Europe on my Directv? I think maybe it's political, but you can order from all over the world, but countries like Australia, UK, France, you can't order it. Does anyone know why? I'm in Michigan, USA. (Sardar Awan, USA)

Ans: No, you cannot watch US satellite channels when you are in Europe. Nor can you watch European satellites in the US. Your antenna (the satellite dish) cannot receive signals from satellites under the horizon, and since the earth is round, US satellites are under Europe's horizon. Europe and the Middle East, however, is basically one area, and a dish in Sweden can pick up the same signals as those in Tunisia, and vice versa

Q.5 : : I am trying to use a 22" LCD monitor as a TV as well, but being in an apartment, all I get is a satellite COAX from the wall. I wouldn't be able to use a VCR to tune this right (analog)? How can I tune a satellite TV signal to use with an LCD monitor? So, any ideas? (Mohammad Safdar, Peshawar)

Ans: An LCD 'Monitor' I assume can only be attached to a PC and for the PC to have television input, you would need a TV Tuner card. Many video cards also have TV Tuners built in and you can plug in your Coax cable to the back of your computer

Q.6 : I am living in Spain. Can I watch separate programming on two TVs with a single DISH TV receiver? What Spanish language programming is available? (John David, Spain)

Ans: Yes. You can order a dual-room receiver that can provide programming to two televisions at once and different channels can be watched on each separate television. The receivers that are capable of this are the DISH 322, DISH DVR 625 and the DISH DVR 722. A wide choice of Spanish language programming packages are offered


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