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October 2006

Q.1 : Q: I have Nokia 9200 I want to make upgrade to DVB2000. The version of receiver is 1.01. Can you please explain to me the right way to make upgrade to DVB2000. (Mohammad Amin, Saudi Arabia)

Ans: You will need some tools to convert your box into DVB2000. Number one is an interface, which must be inserted into the receiver, and number two is a programme called Transbox. Please go to: and order the tools. For further information how to do it, go to: . Be aware: you will loose your Nokia warranty after the conversion

Q.2 : Some times before, Dish Channels wrote about a C-band dish antenna that was about 60cm in diameter. I have looked everywhere to find more information on this subject but without much luck. I am hoping that you can pull some of that information out of mothballs and provide me with a few tips. I have been reading your magazine since the beginning and if it’s not too much trouble I would love to know which satellite dish is best to be used with a STAB rotor. Is there anything planned in the near future for motorized systems? (Faizan Ahmad, Karachi)

Ans: It is no trouble at all. The attempts at C-band with a 60cm antenna only showed that in those days you could also receive the Russian satellites with a garbage can lid. We also tried C-band reception with a 100cm mesh antenna from China. Those were interesting times, but to have any kind of fun with C-band in Europe you would need at least a 180cm antenna. Any offset antenna (also any prime focus antenna if set up correctly) can be used with a STAB motor. Depending on the model of STAB motor, this could be an antenna as large as 120cm in diameter.

Q.3 : : As an owner of the Dreambox 7000, I would like to know what the difference is with the Dreambox 7020. (Mohammad Faheem, Peshawar)

Ans: Your Dreambox comes with 64 Mbyte of RAM while the 7020 comes with 96 Mbyte. Aside from that the 7020 also comes with a modulator and an extra RCA video output. But that’s about it.

Q.4 : Up until recently I was able to receive BBC and CNN from HOTBIRD with a 1-meter antenna without any difficulties in Muscat, Oman. But for the last two weeks it has been nothing, or very little. Only during the hot afternoons do these channels come through for a short time. What happened? Some people have told me that I need to install a 1.2-meter dish now. Is that true? (Sameen Umar, Muscat)

Ans: We have received unlimited questions on this issue. It is even worse for those in Pakistan that could receive HOTBIRD with a 3-meter dish. The culprit has been identified. It is the new HOTBIRD 6. With an EIRP that is somewhat under 40 dBW in Oman, it is a larger dish that you will need. 1.2 meters will work but in Oman I would go with 1.4 meters. For other portions of Saudi Arabia 1.2 meters is enough.

Q.5 : Q: I am trying to use 2 LNBs on fixed 180c Dish to be able to receive from 2 Satellites (Arabsat 3A, Hotbird), I know these to Sats are close together, I can receive from Arabsat a very strong signal, but I'm trying to allign the other LNB to Hotbird but unfortunately I can’t find it, my question: - Do you have a diagram or any method to calculate the exact location of the Hotbird depending on the position of Arabsat? I'm using a digital Humax receiver. (Shafiq Ullah, Kuwait)

Ans: This two satellites are not close enough (13 degr.), to receive both of them with one antenna. Even if you carefully place one LNB in the far offset, there will be not enough reflection-power from the dish to get a signal strong enough. Why not place a second smaller fixed-dish for HOTBIRD beside the large one? To calculate the azimuth and elevation, please use the DishTrak(tm)-feature

Q.6 : : I have an Unnisa 1500 satellite receiver with a digital LNB LO 9.75/10.60. I used to get Jam-E-Jam1 (an Iranian TV channel) with this receiver. From today 1.05.00 it is sending signals with digital system. I tried to get it but I could not find it. Please tell me is it possible to get this channel with this equipment? (Mohammad Khalid, Tehran)

Ans: Until now you could receive IRIB (Jaam-E-jam) in analogue. This changed to digital. This means, you have install a digital FTA-receiver. Your LNB is just fine. Jaam-E-jam 1 and 2 and SAHAR now on transponder 87 of HOTBIRD ( 12.437, horizontal 27.500, 3/4)


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