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October 2003

Q.1 : I came to know that DD Sports" is going to be a Free to air channel. Is it true ? Please give me details. (Mohammad Ilyas, Abbot Abad)

Ans: Yes it is true. DD Sports has been made Free To Air since Mid July. Actually, Prasar Bharti had wanted to make DD Sports into a Free-To-Air channel. The move was opposed by MEN, the channel's distributors, at that time. MEN then moved the High Court, opposing the move. In mid July 2003, MEN lost the case and therefore DD Sports on PAS 10 is now an FTA Channel.

Q.2 : I came across your site on the net and got your email address. Could you please suggest to me which channels [only sports] I can view from the dish? I will buy what you suggest. Secondly on the PAS-10, satellite there is one channel Super Sports. How can I watch it? What are the requirements and from where can I get them? It will be very kind of you if you could help me. (Farman Ali, Multan)

Ans: Currently, DD sports is the only Free-To-Air channel. SUPER SPORTS is a pay service, which is part of the DTH platform for Africa and the Middle East.

Q.3 : I am a regular reader of your magazine. Please tell me how I will receive the REN TV and on which satellite it is available? (Naveed Kamal, Hyderabad)

Ans: Express 6A, 80 degree East is broadcasting the REN TV. Its frequency is 4,175 and symbol rates are 20250. You must have a 10 feet dish in size to receive its signals clearly.

Q.4 : I am a cable operator. My network is situated near an air force base. The picture quality freezes during flying and when some motor cycle or scooter passes in front of our control room. Is there any technology to avoid freezing of picture? ( Hayat Sabir, Lahore)

Ans: The freezing that you observe is obviously due to interference caused when a vehicle or aeroplane crosses your antenna path. Since the noise is wide band and covers a large range of frequency, installing filters will not really help. The best solution would be to relocate your Dish so that a Building comes in-between the road where the vehicles pass and your Dish Antenna. The building will therefore, block the electrical noise from reaching the Dish Antenna / LNB.

Q.5 : We moved with our Sky Digibox to Germany a few months ago and receive all channels apart from ITV1 and ITV2. We can see the programming details at the bottom of the screen but have no picture or sound. The attempt to retune to 10.832/H/22.000/5/6 as described brought no success. We were living in Wales and channels 963 and 964 were not pre-programmed. (Javeed Iqbal, By e-mail)

Ans: Unfortunately you will struggle to receive any of the ITV1 regions or ITV2 in Germany. That's because these channels broadcast from the Astra 2D satellite with a 'footprint' (beam) that's tightly focused on the UK and France. According to Astra's map, you will need a dish of at least 1m, possibly larger if you are nearer the east of the country. The reason you can see the programme banner information is because this broadcasts on another transponder.

Q.6 : Can I run a second Dig box to receive free to air TV channels from the same Sky dish? If I replace the existing LNB with a twin LNB, would I need to realign the dish or make any other adjustments? (Tahir Mehmood, Karachi)

Ans: Yes, you can easily use a second Dig box for watching free-to-air digital channels in another room. But you will need to buy a non-subsidised Sky Dig box. You will also need a special quad LNB. Unfortunately there aren't any twin LNBs in the market, so you will need this special model that fits the unusual shape of the dish. However, you will not need to realign the antenna.

Q.7 : For the past few days I have had problems getting BBC channels through my Sky system. A signal is received but it appears pixelated and jumpy. This is only a problem on the BBC channels but if I stay on them too long it seems to spread to other channels and I have to reset my system…(Faisal Iqbal, Karachi)

Ans: Since the BBC moved its channels to a new 'lowband' frequency, two problems have emerged. One is with Panasonic receivers that give out a spurious 'local oscillator' frequency when switching down to the lower band. The other is with Cambridge LNBs that are permanently locked in highband mode.

Q.8 : My satellite receiver is a Strong model SRT 4355 (Evolution). Since inserting a Viaccess II CAM along with an official ABsat smartcard, programmes via the smartcard are often interrupted. First there is a loud 'click', then the picture disappears and is replaced by a blank screen with the 'scrambled channel' logo; also, some programmes ask for a PIN number before the picture can be restored. This happens on both Hotbird and Astra and I have tried the smartcard and CAM in both slots on the receiver. Other non-smartcard programmes are unaffected. ( Murad Ali, Saudi Arabia, by e-mail)

Ans: The problem here lies with the receiver's software which is not reading the CAM (Conditional Access Module) and card properly. This is often the case when trying to use an official viewing card with an 'unofficial' receiver. Obviously the best solution would be to get hold of the official box from French network ABsat.

Q.9 : I would like to receive Spanish TV channels from Spain rather than South America. I currently receive analogue TV via NTL cable and suspect that I will need to change over to a dish. How do I do this and is there a company that you would recommend? (Rashid, Jehlum)

Ans: Most of the Spanish channels can be found on Astra 1, 19.2 degrees east. However, like English ex-pats in Spain trying to get Sky, you will need an official receiver and card to be able to receive these scrambled services. Alternatively with a dish pointed at Eutelsat Hot Bird and a free-to-air digital receiver you can pick up a handful of free Spanish channels including those from public service network. You are best choosing a company with CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) accreditation.

Q.10 : I would like to receive German channels and Eurosport (not British Eurosport).Can I do this with a free to air card on SkyDigital or should I install my old analogue dish and receiver? (Waqas Ahmad, Peshawar)

Ans: Yes, if you want to watch German channels then you should definitely reinstall your old analogue system. Most German channels still broadcast in analogue from Astra 19.2 degrees east as the vast majority of Germans still receive their national TV channels in this way. Unfortunately, using a free to air SkyDigital card with your Digibox will not give you any German channels.

Q.11 : Dear Editor, I am an old reader of your magazine Dish Channels. It is very informative about Satellites and guides us well. Can you please tell me where I can receive Zee TV channel from the satellite? (Gulam Murtaza, Sialkot)

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our magazine. You can receive Zee TV channel from Nilesat. It is available on show time decorder. You can receive it on 12ft dish.

Q.12 : I have Nokia 9200. I want to make upgrade DVB2000. The version of receiver is 1.01. Can you please explain to me the right way to make upgrade to DVB2000? (Fahad Saeed, Multan)

Ans: You will need some tools to convert your box into DVB 2000. Number one is a interface, which must be inserted into the receiver and number two is a programme called transbox. Be aware, you will loose your Nokia warranty after the conversion.

Q.13 : Can you tell me is there any Ku Band LNB in the market having two outputs, through which my neighbour and I can receive Hotbird digital signal from a single dish and LNB? (Mohammad Shafeeq, Lahore)

Ans: Four outputs of LNB in Ku band are available in the market, through that LNB you and your neighbour can receive Hotbird digital signal from one dish individually.

Q.14 : I want to buy a free to air digital receiver for domestic use. Please tell me any one best free to air digital receiver and also the difference between the free to air digital receiver and the one in which we put the card. What is the price of free to air digital receiver? (Mumtaz Hussain, Raheem Yar Khan)

Ans: If you are going to bought a free to air digital receiver for domestic use only, the Samsung DSR 9400 is the best for it. The difference is that you will need no card for free to air digital receiver, while for your card receiver, you will have to put the card after some time simultaneously. The price of free to air digital receiver is 6000/-, However it may differ in different markets.

Q.15 : We have a 70cm satellite dish in our home. A single LNC is connected to the dish. I want to replace the single LNC with a twin LNC, so that I can use the two receivers at the same time. Please guide me so that I may be able to get the good signal quality? (Fiaz, Jehlam)

Ans: There is no need to buy another dish. The only reason to get a better antenna may be if you used a block LNC for the reception of two satellites with a single satellite dish.


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