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October 2001

Q.1 : In your magazine, I could get 80% of the information I was looking for. Thank you very much, please go on. Then, I would like you to help me to get the other 20%. The situation is as follow: I’m planning to get a satellite system to get ART Australia, LNBC Australia and RAI international. They are using the PAS2 satellite which covers the area where I live, I asked Panamsat Japan, and they said that it is possible to get the signal from here. Now, what I would like to know is what kind of dish I have to use for a good quality reception. Above all, what would be a good dish diameter for that purpose? Would you please help me find this information, according to your knowledge best regards?

Ans: In order to receive the digital package on the C-band (Pacific rim) of PAS 21.7m dish is required. With this size a DTH-quality is given. Off course, you could start with 1.10m, but this would mean reception is near the threshold of your system and a little bit of bad weather would make reception impossible.

Q.2 : Dear Sir, I used to receive the Aaj Tak news channel, until a couple of months ago. Suddenly the reception stopped. I checked your magazine channel guide. It indicates that the channel is still Free to Air. Have you made a mistake?

Ans: Over the past month, we have received several queries from anxious viewer, who have been unable to receive the Aaj Tak channel, since it changed its reception parameters, but did not disclose the changes. Aaj Tak can still be received on any Free to Air Digital Satellite receiver. The Aaj Tak channel is currently available on the INSAT 2E at 3.525GHz, Vertical polarization, with SR 24800 & FEC 7/8.

Q.3 : Sir, I am a regular reader of Dish Channels magazine and find the Channel Guide very Particularly from Apstar 2R @ 76.5 degree East and Hotbird @ 13degree East?

Ans: Yes, Several of our readers frequently write in, with a keen interest to receive KU band signals in Pakistan. You can receive KU band signals from Apstar 2R and Hot Bird. These Satellites have so many channels on KU band.

Q.4 : I am a regular reader of Dish Channels magazine. I have a query. Can I use my 8ft diameter C-band dish with a Ku band LNB & Satellite receiver that can receive KU band signals?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in our magazine. Yes if you have a KU band LNB and Satellite receiver you should be able to receive Ku signals using a C-band dish. In Pakistan you should be able to get some pretty programs on Ku band from the Russian LM-1 Satellite located at 75 degree east two of which are in analog format which are available at 12608, Polarity H, with SR of 1500 and FEC of 3/4.

Q.5 : I am a regular reader of Dish Channels for about Six years. Your magazine is very informative and helpful. I am a franchisee of King Multimedia cable in Karachi. Which is running 55 channels at present and further they are planning to increase it to 550MHz. The length of my cable in single line is about 2KM. Please advise me which type of cable should I use should it be. 1. Flexible gas injected foam cable 500sc. 2. Flexible gas injected foam cable 412sc. 3. Tubular 500sc. 4. Tubular 412sc. Kindly also suggest the brand name of the wire which I can use in my Network?

Ans: Thank you for your message and kind words for our magazine. Based on details that you have indicated, you could use either the 412 series or the 500 series cable on your trunk line. 1) Both the flexible trunk and the tubular cables use a gas injected foam dielectric. 2) It is very important that you use the correct connectors with the cables. In general, connectors for the 500 series tubular cables are most easily available and may therefore influence your final decision. 3) The flexible trunk cable is ideal if there is a possibility that you, may have to physically change your trunk cable layout sometime in future. The Flexible trunk cable can be re-rolled and re-developed if necessary. The tubular cable is very rigid and not recommended for re-development.

Q.6 : Sir, Can I watch clearly all digital channels on 8ft fiberglass dish. Please tell me. Thank you.

Ans: Dear, you cannot receive all digital channels on eight feet dish, because it depends the signal quality of the Satellite. Mostly you can receive Hot Bird digital channels on 8ft dish because their signal quality is very strong in your region. If you want to watch all digital channels. I recommended you to buy a 12ft solid dish.

Q.7 : : Dear Editor can you tell me how can I receive the Sony TV decoder, and where I can purchase it. Please tell me I am very thankful to you?

Ans: Dear, if you are cable operator and you have the license of Cable TV than you can buy this decoder from LEO Communication Offices. The price of the decoder is 32,000/= and Card subscription for one month is 12,000/=. (This decoder only for the cable operator)

Q.8 : Dear Editor, I am an old reader of your magazine Dish Channels. It is very informative for the Satellite information. Can you please tell us where I can receive Zee TV channel from the satellite?

Ans: Thank you Dear, for your interest in our Satellite magazine Dish Channels. You can receive Zee TV channel from Nilesat it is available on Show time decoder. This package has 24 digital channels. You can receive these all channels on 12ft dish.

Q.9 : My friend wanted to install a dish antenna. He wanted to get TB6 and some channels from Arabsat and to view TB6, he has to install a 16ft dish antenna. Why is it so? I am having a 6ft dish and not getting TB6 even after using a circular Feedhorn?

Ans: We continue to receive a large number of inquiries regarding the reception of the Russian TB6 channel. Infact several readers have only now realized that the original TB6 transmissions from the Express 6 satellite are no longer available. TB6 on the old Express Satellite was discontinued several months ago. TB6 has indeed recommenced transmissions from the Yamal-100 satellite located at 90 degrees East. The transmissions are digitally compressed but free-to-air! The reception parameters are: Downlink frequency 3645 MHz; Left Hand Circular Polarization; SR 28 Msym/s; FEC R=3/4.


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