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October 2000

Q.1 : Dear Editor, I was very unfortunate to miss your June 2000, issue. I learned from a friend about that issue that it was containing a detailed interesting write-up, depicting the salient features of Digital Satellite Receiver HUMAX IRCI-5400. I tried to get a copy also from Lahore but could not succeeded. I urge you to please include that said article in your next issue, which will definitely benefit other readers as well, who have escaped to read it?

Ans: &2: We are pleased to learn your interest. We have received similar request from several readers and we will try to comply.

Q.2 : I am regular reader of Dish Channels. In one of your last issue, I read about a Digital Receiver Humax, but the above issue is misplaced. Since I am now intending to buy a latest Digital Receiver, I would appreciate if you kindly repeat the referred write-up on Humax in your next issue?

Ans: &2: We are pleased to learn your interest. We have received similar request from several readers and we will try to comply.

Q.3 : Dear Sir, could you please explain this? I receive some scrambled signals, i.e. the video is scrambled but the audio is clear?

Ans: This is quite common. On different satellites you may find channels with just the video encoded (digital and analogue) and clear audio.

Q.4 : Recently I have purchased digital receiver (Zinwell). In this receiver all free to air channels are tuning and locked which you have mentioned in your channel guide but some channels are not received the video and audio is okay in some channels both are not receiving what is the problem? Is there any digital receiver which can automatically tune the transponder and symbolic rate & FEC for new channels? Thanking you.

Ans: I am afraid that currently, there is no receiver that will auto scan for Frequency, Symbol Rate and FEC. Try out all combinations to scan, using existing technology would take too long. Regarding your reception problem, often channels shut down and the listing in the channel guide may not be applicable, when you attempt to receive the channels.

Q.5 : I am told that NOW TV has commenced on the AsiaSat 3 satellite. Could you provide some details?

Ans: Yes, NOW TV is available as a digital bouquet on the AsiaSat 3S satellite located at 103.5 deg. East. NOW TV actually consists of 4 separate channels, intended primarily at the Taiwanese audience. One of the channels consists of English movies with Taiwanese subtitles. However, since the audio is in English, these movies may be of interest to a Pakistani audience. The other channels consist of a Cartoon channel, a News channel and a Youth channel, which includes music. All these channels are in Taiwanese and probably will not be of much interest in Pakistan. NOW TV can be received at 3760 MHz, Horizontal polarization, as a digital free to air channel.

Q.6 : Your Channel Guide indicates that Star Sports is available as an analog free-to-air channel on AsiaSat 3S in Mandarin, I have been able to receive this channel however when relayed on my cable network, many TVs receive the picture in b&w and it is also necessary to adjust the TV set’s vertical hold to provide a stable picture. Please explain how I can overcome these problems?

Ans: The Star Sports free-to-air transmissions on the AsiaSat 3S satellite are broadcasted for Taiwan. The broadcast system is NTSC not PAL. Due to this, CTV sets which are not capable for multi system reception (NTSC and PAL) will not receive a color picture. Further, as you rightly indicate, the vertical hold of the TV set will have to be readjusted to synchronize the picture. To resolve this problem, you will need to install an NTSC to PAL systems converter. These are available with reputed CATV hardware retailers and are often used by networks that play LDs and NTSC DVDs on their network. Typically a systems converter will cost approximately Rs. 20,000.You may however not want to incur this expenditure, in this case since the channel is relayed in Mandarin (Chinese) and may not be of great interest to most of viewers.


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