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January 2010
DISH Network

Q.1 : I am a huge fan of horse racing and am looking for a channel that has live action. Is there anything like that on DISH Network? ( Amjad Iqbal, via e-mail)

Ans: Fortunately, there is and it's called TV Games (or TVG for short), which broadcasts up to eight live races per hour, seven days a week. The service also provides expert analysis, real–time odds, handicapping tips, results and behind–the–scenes stories on all the big names in horse racing. TVG combines live, televised coverage from 45 tracks across the country with the ability for viewers to place their wagers from their homes. Simply look for the TVG interactive channel found under the sports section on channel 100 and get your racing fix from there.

C-band satellite dish

Q.2 : How many channels can be received with a full-size C-band satellite dish? (Mohammad Naeem, Peshawar)

Ans: Full-size satellite dishes provide more viewing choices than any other TV delivery system, including cable. More than 250 channels transmit on a regular basis and another 250 transmit on an occasional basis. The "500 channel universe" is a reality with a full-size dish.

Humax F1-CV digital receiver

Q.3 : I am from Kuwait and I have a Humax F1-CV digital receiver with Viaccess smart card reader. My problem is that I want to receive the Show Time channels, and it needs Irdeto card reader, and I do not know what to do because I do not know if Irdeto work with my receiver and if it work, we do not have it here in Kuwait yet. (Ghulam Habib, Kuwait)

Ans: Your Humax got an embedded Viaccess-decoder and the suitable card-slot but no Common-Interface. This means you should change to the new HUMAX F1-VACI, which comes with embedded Viaccess (like you have now) and a 2-slot Common-Interface which works with Module (OCMCIA) for Irdeto, Conax, CryptoWorks, Nagravision and more. But be aware: Irdeto-PCMCIA are not available yet to the public! Another way to use Viaccess and Irdeto at the same time is the new MICONIK 1000S with Multi-Access Interface. Here you can use the old Irdeto Conditional Access Module, Viaccess and you got one Common Access Slot free for other services.

SCPC services

Q.4 : I visit your website frequently. It is a great website. It provides a good knowledge base for satellite questions. My question deals with SCPC services. Is there a listing of what services are available on each satellite? I've never seen one published in any form, either in a magazine or publication dealing with satellite TV. ( Taj Malook, Hyderabad)

Ans: Usually you will need so many as possible handbooks of the different satellite-providers and the ITU-listings. Most stuff comes from own experience and from friendly sources. All this is partly packed into the pc (and never find it again!) and kept on thousands pieces of papers (taking 50% of my time to keep them more or more less in order).

Different satellites

Q.5 : Can you please tell me how many channels I can receive, without subscribing to any packages on different satellites. Can I only receive free-to-air channels or can other channels be received (without D2Mac Decoder) and how much can I expect to pay for a complete system in Qatar? (Mohammad Ibrar, via e-mail)

Ans: Living in the same geographical area as you (Middle-Europe), one can receive this moment around 1300 programmes and fee-channels in C- and Ku-band between 80 degree East and 53 degree West (TV and Radio). All FTA! The costs of a system can vary between Qatar, depending on what you want.

Racing UK channel

Q.6 : I have problems with the reception of the Racing UK channel on Eurobird, any idea what's wrong? (Waqar Bhattai, Islamabad)

Ans: Racing UK recently moved to a different transponder on Eurobird. You can now find it at 11.224V, symbol rate 27500, FEC 2/3, encrypted in Videoguard.

SUN TV Network

Q.7 : How we will get Indian channels at the moment in Indonesia. However, we just understood that we can get SUN TV Network through DTH beamed from NSS 703. We would like to know if there is any other network such as TATA Sky or Dish TV [for Indian channels such as ZEE, Sony, Star Plus, NDTV, Ten Sports etc that covers this part of the world, and if yes, what do we need to do to view them. (Dr. Sharma, via e-mail)

Ans: None of the DTH platforms in India cover Indonesia. There are many regional satellites covering Indonesia like Asiasat 2/3S/4, Measat, Optus etc that carry many Indian channels. Most of these channels are 'Pay Channels' and received only through a set-top-box from the distributors of these channels. You may contact a particular channel office to get the contacts of their distributors in Indonesia.

TV at the same time

Q.8 : Can you watch more than one TV at the same time? (Wajahut Hussain, via e-mail)

Ans: In a single LNB, single receiver system, you can watch a single channel on multiple TVs, if you have cabled from your receiver to each TV. It is not possible to watch different channels with this system. To watch different channels you need dual LNB's for C and dual LNB's for KU. You will also need a separate receiver for each location, and a fairly complex means of splitting and distributing the incoming cables. It can be done, cable companies do it all the time, but it is probably not worth the effort, especially if you want to view subscription channels because the bad news is you will need to pay another subscription for each location. That can be expensive. However, having at least two receivers is not a bad idea, and fairly easy to do. However, you can only watch signals on ONE satellite at a time doing this. One alternative is to record programs ahead of time for viewing by others in the family. In this case having a couple of receivers, a couple VCR's and splitting subscription channels between the two will let you build up a nice collection of tapes in no time.


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