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January 2007

Q.1 : Q; I situated my dish at 42 degrees east Turksat 1C. I can receive the vertical polarized channels but not the horizontal polarized channels. I don't think there is something wrong with my receiver, because the horizontal polarized channels at the Astra-sattelite I do receive perfectly. Is it possible at all to receive them? (Anwar Iqbal, Quetta)

Ans: There is no problem with your polarizer. All vertical channels on TURKSAT 1C are on the west-beam and the horizontal channels are on the east-beam, which can't be received with your dish in your location. Sorry, no help this time.

Q.2 : I want to know if I can receive digital signals on the present C or Ku band LNBs which I am using to receive analogue signal. The second question: Are there dish receivers capabale of handling both analogue and digital signals? What is their cost? (Aftab Alam, Islamabad)

Ans: You first question get's a simply Yes, because all Free to Air-receivers will accept different types of LNB. Dish Channels published during the last months quite a lot of test-reports on digital/analog satellite-receivers. With and without build-in positioner and able to control a servo-polarizer. Echostar, Praxis, NextWave etc. to name some of them, offer suitable equipment. Prices differ from market to market, depends what equipment you choose and in which country you buy your receiver.

Q.3 : I desperately need your expertise on the following question - nobody that I know can answer it - you are my last hope. Need some help with picking up the Arabsat bouquet on Hotbird 13 degrees digital in particularly, Saudi 1 (12.654H 3/4). I require a receiver that can de-crypt Power Vu. I already have an 80cm dish pointing at 13 degrees east from my analogue days. Can you advice me on a receiver that will allow me to receive these channels please. Is the Echostar 2500IP a good bet ? Syed Hassan, UK

Ans: If you like to get reliable charts and backround information, please use for daily updated charts and subscribe to Dish Channels to get everything about satellite communications, provided by international experts. SAUDI 1 is broadcasting as FTA MPEG-2 (DVB). This means, a 2500IP will do the job. But have a look on the Echostar 3000 (analogue/digital, FTA and CI) which will be tested in one of the next issues of Dish Channels soon.

Q.4 : I have a small problem. I have been trying to set up my digibox at the weekend with no joy, even when using a Satellite finder. It appears by using the Satellite finder I can find two Satellites roughly in the right bearing for the Analogue and Digital Astra Satellites (Analogue 19 deg E of S Digital 28 deg E of S) but the digibox reports a System ID of 013e and not 0002 as should be set for ASTRA 2A (Sky digital) and also I get a different Transport Stream. (Mansoor, Kuwait)

Ans: I do not know which satellite-receiver you are using, but I believe it is pre-programmed just for the 19 degree position of ASTRA and is searching now without any success on the 28 degree position. A sat-finder is a very unsecure method to do exact positioning of a dish. If you have only ASTRA t 19 degree preprogrammed, you should activate a second satellite for 28 degree east. Then set the parameters of one of the known SKY-programmes and turn your dish very carefully to the east. If you have a signal strengths and quality meter in the software of the digital receiver, adjust for maximum strength and if possible for 100% quality. After this, just start the automatic search and all ASTRA 2A channels will be loaded inside your box. Another way to keep the satellites apart, just use a old analogue receiver and adjust the dish on this signals for maximum signal on the different satellites. On the 28 position it could be difficult to find a analogue signal, but try 12.316 GHz (v).

Q.5 : : I own a Echostar 2500Ip with common interface, which is a fine FTA receiver. Recently I bought an Italian Stream card for the small package and the suitable Irdeto access module. I am now very disappointed, because the unscrambling is done, but only with disrupted video and audio. Like a mispointed antenna. No problem with FTA-channels on different satellites and also SCPC works great. Did I do anything wrong? (Arshad Khan, Hyderabad)

Ans: Not at all. There are some problems reading Irdeto-cards properly. The Praxis DigiMaster 9800Ci (which is identical) has the same problem. After receiving several complains, we have contacted Echostar and got as answer: it could be one of the first access-moduls which makes the trouble and one should use a new version and also download the latest software for the 2500Ip. We did and the problems still arises. Then I contacted Praxis and got the promise that the technicians will look into this matter immediately. This means, if I get a solution, I will pass it on to you. After testing both receivers with different modules and cards for Irdeto, we tried Viaccess and got no problems at all.


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