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January 2006

Q.1 : I have a World Space Radio. I had purchased this Radio set from Dubai, which is not working here. I am trying to take it to Islamabad to make it able to work. (Abid, Islamabad)

Ans: World Space Radio may easily work in Pakistan. The radio transmits programmes from Three satellites, including 1 Free Star, Asia Star and Amri Star. The Amri Star has not still started its transmissions. You may receive Free Star easily. Make your direction first toward Mecca (Qibla) and move your dish towards it and make it two inch height. Now slowly change the direction of your antenna towards East. As soon as you will receive signal, the antenna symbol will appear on your screen. Now as soon as you receive the signals, it will go on maximum like mobile signals. Now scan your Radio. You will be able to receive 40 stations transmissions.

Q.2 : I am not able to receive Zee TV and Multivision these days. What is the reason behind it? Please tell me the frequency of Hum TV? (Mohammad Fazil, Omman)

Ans: Channels of Zee Network are available now on Viaccess 2 and Conax mode. The package decoder is available in Lahore market. Multivision code is not changed, but its software should be updated. Hum TV is available on PAS 10 and its frequency is 3774H and symbolrates are 3300.

Q.3 : I purchased the Fortec Star 5100 Receiver from Karachi. It was working well till. I made the Polsat auto from a shop in Saddar, which worked off after three months. I am fed up from changing the code of Multivision after every month. As soon as I on the Multi channel, the receiver power become off. It also goes on after few seconds. The same situation is not created for other scrambled channels. Whats the reason behind all this troubles? (Waqas, Sharjah)

Ans: Yes, first update your receiver in first preference. Software after 18th December is useful for you. The code of Multivision changes after every month. However, the software will be used for 3 to 6 months. Fortec Star has Multivision updated code, but your receiver has old version, that’s the reason why your receiver goes off several times.

Q.4 : I am living in England since last three years. I had till not get any Asian channel here. I will be happy if I get the PTV even here. Channels of Ku-band are very costly here. I have a dish of 1.2 Meter. It’s a motorized dish. I tried to place the LNB of C-band on it, but could not succeed. I have ECHSPACE 2525CI Receiver. How I will get the Korean dish? Please tell me the easy method for getting C-band channels. Hope you will guide me better. (Zahid Akhtar, England)


Q.5 : Dear Sir, Indian channels are banned these day. I have a six feet dish with free to air receiver. may I receive Pakistani and Indian channels on the same satellite? Please tell me the latest channels website? What GEO new frequency? (Zain Ahmed, Karachi)

Ans: Indian channels are banned in Pakistan only for cable operators. You may watch it on your dish. Mostly Pakistani Channels are available on Thaicom and PAS 10 and Asiasat 3S Satellite. The frequency of GEO is 41125 V, SR 19850. Latest channels website is


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