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January 2004

Q.1 : I am writing to you for the first time. I have a Neosat SX 9600 Digital Receiver and Six feet dish. I want to watch DD channels and sports channels on it. Please tell me their frequencies and symbol rates? (Mohammad Zubeer, Hyderabad)

Ans: Thanx for writing to us. Ten Sports, Ten Sports India, Ten Sports PK, Ten Sports ME are broadcasted by PAS 7/10 satellite. Their frequencies are 3808 V, while symbol rate is 12857. Mostly DD channels are broadcasted by Intelsat 3A including DD Gujrati, DD Sports, DD Metro, DD National. DD Gujrati Frequency is 4120 V, while symbol rate is 5000. The frequency of other channels is 11670 H, while symbol rate is 27500.

Q.2 : This is my first letter to any magazine and I am sure that you will give place to it for publication. I have a digital receiver with eight feet dish. I want to watch Geo through it. I am also unable to watch DD Bharati. I hope you will guide me well.? (Ehtasham-ul-Haq, Rajan Pur)

Ans: Thank you for writing to us. We are always here to guide you better. You may watch Geo on PAS 7/10. Its frequency is 4114 H and symbol rates is 3300. DD Bharati is available as free to air channel on PAS 10 satellite.

Q.3 : I am the great admirer of your monthly magazine. It provides us better informations. I watch Zee TV, Indus TV, Indus Music and Sahara TV with Fortec Star digital receiver. But whenever I turn to PTV1 and Indus News. The option “Still” comes on the receiver and the picture stops. Please solve my this problem? (Khurum Shehzad, Toba)

Ans: As you have mentioned in your letter, there is some internal problem in your receiver, which stops the picture for some time and then continue it later. Check your receiver wires, may be it creates some problem.

Q.4 : I cam to know through your magazine that Zee is going to start its channels named Zee comedy, Zee Mansi and Zee Biz. When these channels are coming on air? (Mohammad Ishfaq, Sindh)

Ans: Still these channels are not started. When ever they will come on air, we will mention their frequencies and symbol rates in the magazine.

Q.5 : I have a Super Max 6000 Ci digital receiver and eight feet dish. I used to watch C band channels through irdeto cam. I am unable to watch Ku band channels except Hotbird. I am waiting for your early response? (Mohammad Salman Laghari, Sindh)

Ans: Put a Multi Cam in your receiver, which will give you a chance to watch Ku band channels.

Q.6 : Dear Sir, I am the regular reader of your magazine. I have a Neosat 9800 digital receiver. I want to watch B4U Movies, Star and Zee TV. Which CAM will be suitable for it? (Raja Soomro, Sindh)

Ans: Multicam is the best to watch all these channels easily with your Neosat 9800 digital satellite receiver.

Q.7 : I am the regular reader of your magazine. I have a Neosat 9600 SX digital receiver. I faced great difficulty to find any satellite. Please tell me an easy solution how I will find a satellite? (Qasim Sabir, Balochistan)

Ans: Move your dish slowly and greadually and feed a right frequency in the receiver. Try to keep the dish at smoothly surface. These tips will help you to find any satellite easily.

Q.8 : I have a Telecom 2000 Ci digital receiver. I want to watch all Zee Channels. Which cam will be suitable for its. I am already using a fun card? (Amjad, Swat)

Ans: You will have to buy a Multicam, because it is suitable for mostly cards. You will be able to watch a Neozep channel free to air.

Q.9 : I have a Neosat SX 7000 Universal digital receiver and Eight Feet dish. I am living in a small village. The signals of PTV1 are not coming well. It stops after a short time. The signals of other channels are received well. Guide me what should I do? (Fawad, Abbotabad)

Ans: You should use the wire of Telephone in LNB and should change you dish from roof to the land. Try to set the signals of PTV1 on Asiasat 3S. It will help you to watch PTV1 smoothly.

Q.10 : Dear Sir! I am the regular reader of your magazine. I have a 10ft dish with a digital receiver. I want to watch F men and fashion TV. Kindly tell me their frequencies and symbol rates. Which satellite is broadcasting them? (Mohammad Haroon, Karachi)

Ans: NSS 6 is broadcasting both the channels. They are free to air. There frequencies are 11456 V and symbol rates are 3333 respectively.

Q.11 : I am living in the northern areas of Pakistan. I am trying to receive Hotbird and Astra with 3-meter prime focus antenna. Still, I am not able to receive them. What kind of LNB should 1 use? (Salamat Wali, Gilgit)

Ans: We are always hearing from readers in this area who tell us of signal loss when darkness settles in. You will not be able to watch these both satellites with a 3-meter antenna. You will need at least a 5-meter dish and also a polarizer. Even with this, reception is net guaranteed for the evening hours.

Q.12 : Recently I baught a Opentel 2000 digital receiver. But after installation, I lost the reception of all channels. There is no picture and voice. What should I do now? (Sadiq Ali, Hyderabad)

Ans: Your receiver indicates that there is a short circuit either due to a bad coax cable or an improperly installed “F” connector. First check out the “F” connectors. Then test the coax cable for a short circuit and replace it if necessary.

Q.13 : I came to know for world space receivers in several magazines. Which satellites are broadcasting these radio programes? (Jehan Anjum, Islamabad)

Ans: The radio programmes are transmitted by Afristar and Asiastar Satellites. The original purpose of these programmes is to keep the people aware about latest news and entertainment.

Q.14 : I want to receive 13° East and the 10 west position with a properly sized antenna. Is it even possible with a 14° offset. I have a Euro 9200 digital satellite receiver? (Taha Hussain, Quetta)

Ans: A 14° Offset is not a problem. The signals lost in the offset feed. 1.2 meter dish antenna will help you to enjoy plenty of channels in your area.

Q.15 : I have a Humax digital receiver and Eight feet dish. I receive most channels of Hotbird. How will I find Ku band channels of other satellites? (Asad, Multan)

Ans: Humax receivers has the best reception. First press the main menu. Then keep the layer near the installation and press OK and search a required satellite. Feed your required frequency correctly. First the level meter will be blue. After receiving the signals, the level meter will become yellow.

Q.16 : I am a reader of your magazine Thanks for the frequencies of all the channels that you give us. I would like to know the digital frequencies of NR1 and DD Punjabi? (Haider Ali, Jehlum)

Ans: NR1 TV is available from the Apstar 2R satellite at 76.5 degree east, on a downlink of 4037 H with SR 2300 and FEC 3/4. DD Punjabi is available on the Insat 3A satellite at 93.5 degree East.


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