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January 2003

Q.1 : Respected Trouble Shooter, I am using a digital receiver and get guide through Dish Channels which is quiet easy for me. I want to know that what is meant by frequency, polarization and FEC?

Ans: Every Radio/TV station transmit its signal on a specific frequency. Frequency is measured in, Hz, KHz, MHz, GHz etc., where 1 KHz = 1000 Hz 1 MHz = 1000 KHz 1 GHz = 1000 MHz Radio or TV, analog or digital, satellite or terrestrial transmissions, all of them use some part of the frequency spectrum. Polarization is the key position for the number of transponders that can operate or emit signals using it either horizontal or vertical. FEC is described as a parameter called Forward Error Correction which is equal to one of five fraction: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 higher it is used gives as many TV programs and greater transmission reception is possible.

Q.2 : I cannot tune in to DD package on PAS-10 with its KU band. Kindly tell me what is the matter with it? Thank you. (Nasir by e-mail)

Ans: DD package is not available with Ku band, it is active with C-band service on PAS-10 satellite.

Q.3 : Dear Sir, I am a cable operator and want to extend my network from 3 Kms to 20 Kms. Kindly give good suggestion for my cable TV link? (Nazim by e-mail)

Ans: You need to go to fiber if you want to get good results. For 20 Kms extension you must install an optical splitter and an optic and use fiber optic node transmitter. Although these equipments are costly but good to swallow.

Q.4 : Dear Editor, I have not been able to trace out Solar Sports Net and CNTV. Please tell me their current parameters? (Rizwan by e-mail)

Ans: Dear reader, Solar Sports and CNTV has shifted from 4072 V, SR-10500 FEC 3/4 to frequency 4070 V, SR-10455 and their FEC is 7/8.

Q.5 : Dear Editor, I am living in Bosnia and want to bring my receiver along with me. Will I be able to make it useful in Pakistan kindly guide me in accordance. (Zeeshan by e-mail)

Ans: It would be better to sell it out and get a new one here. On the other hand you may give us the details of the corruption it creates. You must buy cards of the channels from their local offices and go through. Receivers can be upgraded worldwide and hopes are with us that there may not come any problem.

Q.6 : Has anything new started on Koreasat? If yes kindly provide me the detail. (Shafique by e-mail)

Ans: KCTA package, Dawn TV, Drama Net, Movie Plus, KMTV, LG Home Shopping Airrang TV Korea SBS Drama Plus, Weather News Korea and Real State TV are available on frequency 12550 V, SR 26000, FEC 7/8 on South Korean beam.

Q.7 : Shopping B, Shopping Ch. on 12530 H, SR 26000, FEC 3/4 whereas DIY & Joong Aug. H Shopping Channel on South Korean beam are not being caught. Have they gone under any changes kindly give me details. Thank you! (Jabbar by e-mail)

Ans: All these channels have been closed for the mean time and no further report are available about them.

Q.8 : Dear Trouble Shooter, I am a regular reader of Dish Channels and have not been able to find WOW Sat, UBS and CSN on frequency 12290 H and ERA News on 12370 V. Have their parameters been changed kindly inform me about their recent changes. (Raja from Dadu)

Ans: Dear reader, first of all I thank you for being in touch with us, all the above mentioned channels have been closed on these parameters and it is not confirm whether they'd be started again or not.

Q.9 : Dear Editor, I want to see adult channels would you please give me details of some channels with correct parameters? (Adnan by e-mail)

Ans: Hot Bird satellite carry adult channels and most of them are not free to air. Hot Bird 1/2/3/4/5 are located at 13.0° East. You may find it in our magazine's directory which are in bulk with varying parameters.

Q.10 : Kindly give me the parametric detail of Don't Panic TV, Caspio Net, 06TV, The God Channel, TV Moda, ESPN Classic and Al-Majd Space Channel. (Rehan by e-mail)

Ans: The parameters of these channels are given respectively as under and all these are on Hot Bird at 13° E. i) Don't Panic TV is available on frequency 12092 H, Irdeto, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. ii) Caspio Net is on 12149 V, Clear, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. iii) 06TV at 12188 V, Clear, SR 27500 & FEC 3/4. iv) The God Channel at 11179 H, Clear, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. v) TV Moda has been closed vi) ESPN Classic at 12054 H, Mediaguard, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 whereas Al-Majd Space Channel has started on wide beam with frequency 11747 H, Clear, SR 27500 FEC 3/4.

Q.11 : I am living in a rural area and trying to learn about PCs and Satellite systems. Would you kindly inform me what are bits, Bytes and symbols and what is difference between their connection to digital TV and satellite and also tell me about bit rate and error correction? (Nafeesa by e-mail)

Ans: Dear Reader, everything you have asked is defined briefly and separately for you convenience. Anyone who has anything to do with a personal computer knows that it stores information in bits and bytes. “Bit” is defined as the smallest unit for measuring the data or a single digit is binary number system 1 bytes equals 8 bits: 1 B = 8 b. However, when we say “kilobit” or “megabit”, confusion may arise. As far as your computer network administrator is concerned, 1 kb is equal to 1024 bits. Not so in digital TV! Instead the following relation is used: 1 kb = 1,000 b 1 Mb = 1,000,000 b “Symbol” is another unique concept. One symbol equals 2 bits in digital satellite TV: 1s = 2b For example: 12,400 kb = 6,200 ks = 6.2 Ms where: ks = kilo symbol (1,000 symbols) Ms = mega symbol (1,000,000 symbols) “Bitrate” the number of bits transmitted during 1 second is called bit rate. A single TV program requires a bit rate of about 4-6 Mb/sec. For stereo audio, 300 kb/sec is sufficient. A multiplex or package of 7 TV programs would require about 40 Mb/sec. However, there is no guarantee that the signal will reach the target receiver without any errors especially when it must be sent for such a large distance as is the case with satellite TV. To make the transmission more reliable, some extra digital data is added to the original digital video and audio. Thanks to this extra data, it is possible not only to detect the occurrence of an error, but in many cases, to correct it and recreate the original values. This is called error correction.

Q.12 : Dear Sir, I am using Fiber Optic equipments. How is the maintenance of these equipments possible. Is it a simple process or a headache and what would its cost be? (Tahir by e-mail)

Ans: Dear reader, it would be better for you to consult some hardware supplies and best if you get co-operation of such suppliers who provide service facility and save your money. On the other hand, fiber optic maintenance equipment includes an O.T.D.R. (Optical Time Domain Relfectometer) which could typically cost around Rs. 12 lacs + an Optical Power Meter (Rs. 35,000 upwards) and a Fusion Splicer which would cost Rs. 5 lacs to Rs. 7 lacs. Clearly the OTDR and fusion splicers are way beyond the budget of most medium and small networks. There are companies / individuals that offer their service for fusion splicing, fault finding (needs an OTDR) as well as turn key system installation. Most network meet their requirements through a job work contract through these companies.


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