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Test Report for Xcruiser MOIP combo Box

Xcruiser MOIP combo Box

Digital Multimedia Technology MOIP (Multimedia over Internet protocol) delivers instant thrills with its high performance of video communication over IP. MOIP combo Box is designed perfectly; the window display is situated right in the middle of the box.

An all in one device DMT presents a communication gateway uses available resources such as analog phone, TV screen and setup box to make video communication, Multi conference call, 3G mobile video communications, security function and caller id display on TV. MOIP combo setup box is mostly for broad caster and service provider, with STB specifications of DVB-C/DVB-T/ DVB-S.

MOIP stand alone type communicator is mostly for Telecom Company. This is independent of any digital setup box with all the MOIP combo functions. Any setup box can be connected externally to stand alone type communicator, This product is not effecting the revenue of telecom company, but it is a product to generate additional profit by offering Video call, video conference call, 3G mobile video communication, Security functions , and Caller ID display.

Video communication call can be done from MOIP BOX to BOX, BOX to PC and BOX to 3G mobile after registering the product with ITSP providers. and video conferencing can be done with MCU installed in the network by ITSP, MOIP Combo realizes multi peer video conferencing with divided screen layouts on TV PIP format.

MOIP Box has Security function. The webcam is with sensor, if anyone is trying to enter home or trying to open the locker. The sensor detects and inform live to Security Company / police. Users can call the set top box from anywhere with 3G mobile and input the password to turn on the camera to see every thing in home or in office.

MOIP Combo displays the caller's telephone number on your TV, caller ID may be one of the most significant features for privacy on video call. User can choose whether he provides his caller with his current appearance or not by noticing caller ID information on TV screen users can reject when he does not want to be viewed.

MOIP Box has a FXO port to connect PSTN line, to receive call or make a call to any other number by using PSTN Line. When the network environment is not acceptable to make a call for some reasons, users can choose PSTN call instead of VOIP taking advantage of VOIP to PSTN switch facility. To save call charge in the cost effective manner , user can dial (even with his cell phone when he is out side ) his MOIP combo's PSTN number and then his destination number , so that MOIP Combo forwards the call to VOIP network by FXO trunk feature. This feature enables users to proceed overseas call, long distance calls with reduced call charges.



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