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Test Report for Dynavision DV 1000S

Dynavision DV 1000S

Dynavision is a pioneer and the most trusted name in the Digital Satellite Receiving world. By providing a full range of digital satellite receivers and accessories, Dynavision satisfy the various demands from different market segments. Dynavision has now a new launch of DV 1000S, which also have functions of Personal Video Recorder (PVR).

The design of DV 1000S can best be described as unpretentious but elegant. The front panel sports an extremely easy to read display as well as four buttons to operate the receiver without using the remote control. A flap on the right side of the front panel hides two CI slots for all standard modules such as Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Conax and Nagravision etc.

The rear panel is also designed with great excitement. Two scart connectors, Serial Interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software, USB port for connecting the receiver to PC, S-Video Output, S/PDIF, RCA jacks and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver completely. The remote control features an ergonomic design, user-friendly layout and sits nicely in your hand. The user manual supplied with the box is written only in English. It is clearly arranged, comprehensive and features pictures when you need them. Hardly any question regarding the DV 1000S will be left unanswered by this manual. The workmanship of this receiver left a positive impression on us during the whole test process.

DV 1000S has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. It supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and the most user-friendly USALS protocols. Once you turn on the receiver for the first time, the main menu will greet you. Here in the main menu, you will find a whole world of options opens up in front of you. The languages for communication are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Dutch, Russian, Swedish and Farsi.

DV 1000S contrary to many other receivers does not require the user to select the tuner he/she wants to use. The channels search of an 80 transponder satellite took a little over four minutes, which is a very good result.

DV 1000S has a hard disk drive inside. Therefore, the user can record programmes without connecting any external recorder such as VCR. Press the RECORD button on the remote control to record the current programme instantly with Default Option Menu. This also selects the record item of menu list and it comes to be operated. The record mode window consists of category, operation, signal bar and progress bar. Part of the photo IP Streaming BOX (Personal media broadcasting) special feature to let you watch the channel on that receiver from anywhere through the internet on your PC.

Users can save any file or data in a File Name. The default name is defined as "the name of a service". You can enter a file name by using the OK button. Record type consists of Now/Reserve. The Now item shows that this is the right time to start recording. Duration sets the time to be recorded. Signal bar shows the signal quality and signal level of a tuner used for the channel you want to record.

DV 1000S does not switch channels for a reserved service and it records a reserved service while the current channel is being viewed. After recording is complete, the receiver will return to the state of operation. You can listen or edit the MP3 list in the "PVR.-MP3". You can perform MP3 operations such as rewind, forward, stop, play and pause using the additional buttons on the remote control while you are playing back a MP3.

You can watch TV signal that the receiver receives at a remote PC or a smartphone. To watch TV remotely, you must set Carry TV in the receiver menu. The "Channel Attribute" feature allows you to display and change the attributes of the current channel. A window displaying the information about the current service is at the button of the channel attribute window.

Reserved list enables you to display or delete view/record reserved services. The EPG supplies information such as programme listening and start and end times for all available services. When you want to change the audio language of current services, press the Green button first. The on-screen menu is displayed on the left top side of the screen. DV 1000S also supports Teletext services.

The DVS 1000S Digital Satellite Receiver and PVR is a sound and easy to use receiver which did not show any problems during our test process. The extremely fast USB port and the possibility of recording five channels at the same time are features that deserve special praise.



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