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Test Report for Eurostar EB-1001 DVR

Eurostar EB-1001 DVR

A DVD recorder can be used to copy any homemade videos, such as camcorder videos and videos made from TV shows, and can also copy Laserdiscs, and other non-copyprotected video material. Also, remember that a DVD recorder also has a built-tuner for recording TV programming directly. The tuner can be programmed to record a series of programmes on different days and times, much like a VCR. DVD recorders function like VCRs in that they can record incoming video signals. A DVD recorder creates its own menu functions, it will not duplicate the function menu from a another DVD. One of such DVD Recorder has been manufactured by Eurostar called EB-1001 DVR.

The front panel of EB-1001 DVR is designed very attractively. There are total six buttons there to control the box, incase the remote control is missing. On the right side of the box, there is a flap for Smart Card for access to Pay channels. The rear panel of the box is equipped with two scart connectors, S-VHS out put, serial interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software and TV out put. Unfortunately, there is no programmable 12 volt out put on the rear panel. The remote control has all the command buttons and has an easy access to all the functions.

EB-1001 DVR comes preprogrammed with unlimited TV and Radio channels as well as updated satellites from worldwide. The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2. It can be easily used with all kinds of antenna systems. All the local oscillator frequencies for C and Ku-band are preprogrammed.

As soon as you will turn on the receiver for the first time, the main menu will greet you. You can move into the desired submenu using the up and down keys. After selection of different parameters in this menu, the next menu is Installation. This menu helps you to set up a variety of parameters necessary for receiving signal and managing the channel information.

There are three kinds of channel search methods in EB-1001DVR. They are Automatic Channel Search, Network Search and Manual Channel Search. Automatic Channel Search helps you to automatically load the channel information of all transponders contained in the selected satellite. The Network Search will help you to automatically load the channel information of all transponders contained in the selected satellite. But it is important to decide here whether to scan All or FTA channels only. Multisatellite search option is also available after setting each correct value. Press the red button on the remote control to start channel search. 1114 TV and 458 Radio channels were found in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. These channels can be delete, edit, sort and moved to the favourite list.

Kids may be kept away from adult channels through parental control function. Symbolrates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec were processed easily during our tests. If you set the receiver for factory default, all data (DTV) you are using will be deleted and the default data will be loaded. This receiver has 1 PCMCA slot, which enables the use of I CI CAM. When a common interface CAM is inserted inside the PCMCIA slot, the system detects the type of the CAM automatically and displays it in this menu. On choosing the menu, you will be able to access to the sub menu composed of authorizations, pre booking package details and etc.

After the channels have been programmed, you will see the information banner box each time you switch channels. In order to enable you to access the channel information, which you have already sorted and grouped according to your needs, you may simply press the OK button when there is no menu on the TV screen. For Timer Recording of the specific channel on the EPG menu, place the cursor on the specific time and press OK button on the EPG menu. There are two ways to record on a DVD disc. To overwrite a current recording and to record at the end of the disc.



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