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Test Report for Nanoxx 9600 IP

Nanoxx 9600 IP

The casing of this box comes in elegant silver with a shiny black front panel where an easy to read segment display indicates the currently selected program number. To the left, Nanoxx has put seven buttons to operate the box without remote con-trol and to the right a flap hides the card reader which is XCrypt compatible.

The back panel is nicely equipped as well, featuring the standard IF input with looped-through output, two scart euroconnectors, RF modulator output, 3 RCA sockets for stereo audio and video, composite video, optical digital audio output, RS-232 interface as well as an RJ45 network socket as an added extra. But more about that a little later.

The included remote control sits well in your hand and sports an ergonomic shape. The buttons on the lower half of the control could be slightly larger, though. The multilingual user's manual will answers all questions and has an easy to use layout.

Thanks to automatic detection the box can handle PAL and NTSC signals flawlessly and switching between the 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios also went smoothly in our tests. Unfortunately, the Nanoxx receiver has neither S-Video nor component video outputs, which is a drawback considering the large number of flat screen TV and beamers in use these days. On the positive side the OSD can be customised to an extremely high extent so that users can configure the box just the way they prefer.

Once the initial set-up is completed the installation menu comes up to assist in adjusting the receiver's setting to the reception system used. The Nanoxx 9600 IP supports DiSEqC 1.0 to control up to four LNBs as well as DiSEqC protocols 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) to control motors for rotating dishes.

As an extremely smart feature – especially for newbies NANOXX 9600 IP Perfectly working CA receiver with smart use of network interface– the relevant DiSEqC protocol is detected automatically and all parameters are set by the receiver accordingly, so that users have one thing less to worry about when installing their equipment.

After the antenna settings are completed the next step is to fill the 6000-plus channel memory (boot loader version 1.33 and higher) of the IP 9600. To this end we can select either a full scan on one or more satellites or a manual scan on specific transponders.

After the completion of the first channels can the receiver leaves the main menu and displays the first available channel together with a highly informative status bar which features the title of the current and next events (if made available by the channel provider) as well as icons for teletext, subtitles or encryption.

Press the Guide button and the EPG appears on screen showing all events of the following three to seven days. Our extensive tests revealed, how-ever, that the EPG window on screen is divided by the 9600 IP in a rather awkward way. On the one hand the area displaying all program and event information is rather tiny and on the other hand the area dedicated to show the currently selected channel is quite large. We believe it would be wise to reduce this area for the sake of more program information, because that's what an EPG actually is there for in the first place.

Similar to most other receivers the OK button calls up the channel list. The new Nanoxx receiver features a clearly laid out list complete with comprehensive editing and sorting options. This makes sure any available channel will be found quickly after only a few clicks.

Now it's time at last to turn to the IP in the Nanoxx 9600 IP's model name. Contrary to most other CA receivers this particular box comes equipped with a fully functional network inter-face, which the manufacturer has built in with two purposes in mind: One is to facilitate easy and convenient software updates via the Internet, and the other is to transform this CA receiver into a full-flung PVR.

The second purpose of the network interface is currently in its trial phase, but we have word from the manufacturer that they are working day and night to make this feature ready for release.



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