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Test Report for Skyworth S 17 USB

Skyworth S 17 USB

The Chinese receiver brand Skyworth is a high-resolution box. The Skyworth S 17 USB offers an USB 2.0 interface for digital videos. The box features a 5000 programme memory for TV and Radio channels.

The rear panel of S 17 USB Receiver is very interesting. It is equipped with two scart connectors, programmable 12 volt output, serial interface RS-232, RCA jacks, S/PDIF and a main power switch. The remote control has an easy access to all the functions. You may find an answer of every question about the receiver in the manual supplied with the box.

Skyworth S 17 USB Receiver is fully MPEG-2 digital and fully DVB-S compliant. It supports DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS protocol. All the local oscillator frequencies for C and Ku-band are present. Every user may find an easy language for communication.

Make sure that you have properly installed and connected the cables of the receiver well. If the receiver is the factory default or there is no programme list, when power on, the Main Menu window will be displayed on the screen. During the normal TV/Radio mode, press Menu key on the remote control to enter into the Main Menu window. The Main Menu consists of 6 major sub-menus.

The next step here is the Antenna Setup. Suppose that you have selected fixed antenna in the antenna connection window. All selected satellites in the satellite list are displayed in this menu.

There are single satellite search and multi satellite search. In the single satellite search, you may scan a satellite in circle. Or press OK key to pop up the drop-drown list, then select the desired satellite in the list and press OK key to confirm. You may select FTA or all channels for scanning here. While in the multi satellite search, you can search several satellites when auto scan is selected in the scan mode. Press the up and down keys to select between Auto scan and Preset Scan. Auto Scan is Blind Scan, while Preset Scan is to search the preset frequencies.

Skyworth S 17 USB Receiver has the fast channel search. 1254 TV and 525 Radio channels were found in 6 minutes and 20 seconds. Like other receivers, S 17 USB Receiver after completing the search, save all the searched channels and then goes on the first channel found. The searched channels may be delete, edit, sort and moved to one of the 8 favourite list, so that they may watch when free. During the scanning, TV and Radio channels were searched in a separate boxes.

Pressing the OK key will display the channel list on your screen. It may be sorted by alphabetic A-Z. When you press the EPG button on the remote control, you will get an advance information about the upcoming programmes. Similarly, pressing the info button will display complete information about the on-screen channel. There is also a Time Shift and Timer Setting functions in the Skyworth S 17 USB Receiver. For Timer Service, select between channel and message. If channel is selected, the wakeup channel is displayed here. Kids may be keep away from adult channels through parental control function. The Record Manager work well during our test report. Here the recorded channels may be saved and deleted. It switches automatically between PAL and NTSC signals. Getting SCPC signals is not a problem for Skyworth receivers.

All the functions of S 17 USB Receiver are brilliant. But there are even more that makes this box one of the top, like language and subtitle selection, multi-picture display, teletext support and easy menus. Channel surfing is a fun with this box.

Skyworth S 17 USB is an easy receiver. It also works well with low signals. The accuracy of transponder data leaves nothing to say behind.



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