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Test Report for Digital Telecom iBox HD DVB-S2 MPEG-4

Digital Telecom iBox HD DVB-S2 MPEG-4

Digital Telecom today, is a name to reckon with the satellite technology business. Today, HDTV sets come in two forms, HD ready and HD-capable. HD-Capable sets simply acts as a monitor and require the addition of an external receiver/decoder to receive high-definition signals, while, HD-ready sets have an HDTV receiver/decoder built-in. One of such receivers is iBox HD DVB-S2 receiver, which has come packed with all the facilities one can ask for.

Among the main features include USB 2.0 to upgrade software. The iBox HD DVB-S2 is both HD SD complaint, with these TV display formats you can enjoy both wide screen and SD picture display. iBox HD DVB-S2 support various video resolutions including 1080:, 720 p, 480 p/ 576 p, 480:/576:. The higher the resolution, the better quality you can enjoy. However, if your television set does not support high definition, you cannot enjoy high definition quality picture. The receiver also has VFD Display.

This is not all! The front panel of the receiver has eight buttons to control the complete system of the box. There are two CI slots at the right edge of the front panel to open the flap. You should insert your card into the CAM front slot to watch pay services. The rear panel is equipped with HDMI output (Audio and video output socket for the high definition television set), RCA outputs, S/PDIF, USB port and a main powder switch for turning off and on the receiver completely. The remote control supplied with the box has an easy access to all the functions. User's manual will answer all questions and is easy to use.

iBox HD DVB-S2 receiver supports many languages. You can select the language in which the menu would be displayed. In addition to that, set the OSD language option to your desired language. Once you select a language, the menu will be immediately displayed in the selected language.

Set the audio language option to your desired languages. When you watch a programme, if the programme has an audio track of the language that is designed for the audio language, it will be output.

After the initial settings have been done, the next step takes you directly into the Installation menu so that all the external connections can be set up in the receiver. In addition to DiSEqC 1.0, access to multiple satellite positions can also be accomplished with DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS.

Channel Search can be done by 3 methods, including Automatic, Manual and Multi search. The speed of the channel search was amazing, within 5 minutes 1415 TV and 4193 Radio channels were searched.

Transponder data was also up-to-date so that the recently activated HDTV channels in DVB-S2 were also found during the scan.

The channels in the list can be renamed, moved, deleted or blocked from the kids with a parental PIN code. The more popular channels can be moved into one of the many user nameable favourites lists for easy recall at a later time with the push of a button on the remote control. A push of the OK button brings the channel list that can be sorted and filtered to various criteria using the coloured function buttons on the remote control.

To watch pay services, you need to purchase a conditional access module and a subscription card for the pay services you want to watch. With in the system information you can check the production information for model, firmware version, hardware version on forth. Pressing the info button on the remote control will display all information about the onscreen channel. Some programmes are provided with subtitle tracks in one or more languages and once you select a subtitle track, it will be displayed.

The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) shows the current and scheduled programmes that are or will be available on each service, such information as weather reports, news or stock quotations is provided by means of teletext.

By pressing the find button, you can see all the channel list and small window for quick find. You can press alphabet to find the channel. You can also see the previously viewed channel by pressing recall button. You can also edit the live channel by pressing Edit button. You can also update news functions by pressing OPT button if the receiver is supported. If you press SAT button, you can see the satellite list of what you installed.



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