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Test Report for Echolink EL-7111 HD USB

Echolink EL-7111 HD USB


HDTV receiver is essentially a device that receives and decodes high definition TV signals. HDTV receivers are needed along with a High Definition Ready TV set to view high definition programming. Sometimes an HDTV receiver is also referred to as an HDTV tuner or HDTV decoder. One of such HDTV receiver has been manufactured by Echolink named EL-7111 HD USB Front panel of EL-7111 HD USB is very flat. < br>< br> One may fine numerous buttons there. Rear panel is equipped with all connections. One may find HDMI output, Serial interface RS-232 and all other necessary connections. The included remote control is just as elegant and sits nicely in your hands. The buttons are ideally labelled and after only a short time getting to know the remote you will be able to operate every function blindfolded. All of the buttons are easy to reach and easy to depress.


After the receiver has been connected to the satellite antenna system and the TV and it has been turned on for the first time, the Installation Assistant immediately appears. Each satellite has its own configuration menu in which numerous parameters can be set up. In addition to a variety of useable local oscillator frequency (LOF) values, there are also LNB settings available based on the SCR standard. EL-7111 HD USB supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocol. The receiver has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. < br>< br> There are two types of satellite searches, namely Single Satellite Search and Multi Satellite Search. You can only do network search when you select Auto Scan. < br>< br> It is also possible to delete a group of channels with the push of one button plus you can transfer channel data, system settings and timer entries to an external medium so that this data can be worked on using an Editor program on a PC. After wards, this modified data can be uploaded back to the receiver via its USB interface. After the channel list has been edited to your liking, a push of the Exit button takes you out of the main menu and the EL-7111 HD USB switches to the first receivable channel. < br>< br> After each channel change an informative Info bar appears that provides information on the current channel including language selection, teletext, encryption, subtitles, etc. as well as programming information on the current and upcoming programs. Even signal strength and signal quality is displayed in the form of bar graphs. A push of the Info button displays an expanded EPG view of the current programme as long as this data is made available by the provider. A second push of the Info button displays detailed reception information on the current channel. As is typical with almost every receiver on the market, and the Echolink is no different, the channel list appears with a push of the OK button. < br>< br>


It is very clearly laid out with HD and encrypted channels easily recognizable. The more channels that can be received, the more important it is to have a decent electronic programming guide (EPG) since in the end the user wants to maintain an overview and always be kept up to date on current programs. < br>< br> EL-7111 HD USB comes with a variety of other practical features that we briefly want to touch on here. PIP function (picture-in-picture) that lets you watch another channel during lengthy commercial breaks and also makes it easy to switch between these channels. < br>< br> The Zoom function magnifies a highlighted portion of the video image and teletext pages can also be displayed. There is even present an 8 event timer. Numerous PVR functions performed correctly during our tests no matter how hard we tried to derail the receiver with multiple recordings, timers and time shifting.



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