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Test Report for I Class V9V9

I Class V9V9


The latest HD digital box to launch is the I Class V9V9 Satellite Receiver and we've managed to get its test report. We were glad to have such a pleasant HD receiver with PVR features at our technical centre. The remote control itself is a standard, generic feeling model.

On first inspection you notice that the case itself is of good build quality including a silver bevel on the front concealing a few buttons. The unit is also very light and well proportioned thanks to the use of an external power supply which also keeps the case cool after hours of operation. The rear panel is well catered for and includes the LNB in port, HDMI, USB, RS-232 and other necessary connections.


Setting up the HD receiver is simple, just plug in the provided power supply unit and HDMI cable, then connect to your satellite dish cable and power up. You'll be greeted with the initial setup screen which will guide you through the setup. The usual options are included to select from, such as screen type (16:9 widescreen or 4:3 traditional) and HDMI resolution to suit your television (576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p). On-screen menu can be displayed in different languages. The same choice you get here for the preferred audio language as well as teletext character set. Next step lets you select your time zone, daylight savings options and if you would like to set the current time manually or rather let the receiver update it automatically from the satellite stream.


I Class V9V9 Satellite Receiver support DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2, 1.3 and USALS protocols. You can now select from Automatic and Manual Scan. You can search channels offered by the satellite for which your dish has been configured through Auto Scan. Select the desired satellite and press the OK button. Then change the satellite column will be changed by the desired satellite name. When all is made, go to the Start Scan with red button and press OK button. While in Manual Scan, you can change to the specific values you want to scan. Channel scanning is well-thought out. All transponders can be scanned, or just a single one. Manual PID scan is also possible. You can create totally eight favourite lists with a maximum of 100 channels in one group. It's easy to start recording, easy to stop it, but, and easy to get back to it when it's needed. You can set Time shift function as Auto or Manual and you can set default record time. Recording can be either started by clicking the button on the remote control, either by selecting the needed show in EPG, either by accessing a special “Recording Schedule” submenu. We are incredibly impressed with the I Class V9V9, it offers excellent picture quality via HDMI. The sound offered both through HDMI and the digital optical port is clear and crisp, though it does seem to blip for a second just after accessing menus. The TV guide is great and very easy to navigate, with no delays in scrolling through the lists or accessing channels. As recordings are stored on a USB device, it's easy to access them on a PC.

The I Class V9V9 Satellite Receiver is also clear and easy to use, bearing in mind the limitations of the usual now/next data transmitted. Buttons are available to scroll forward and back by 24 hours, so perhaps in some places it can find further programme information. The EPG links to the receiver's event timer, where sleep and wake-up options are available in addition to the usual function of changing to the required channel at the preset time.

I Class V9V9 Satellite Receiver is full high definition receiver having excellent features like media file play, time shift and PVR recording.



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