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Test Report for Vision V-111 FTA

Vision V-111 FTA

A new wave of exciting Free to Air receivers are hitting the market. One of them is Vision V-111 FTA receiver. This digital satellite integrated receiver uses the latest decoding chip and main technical indexes are compiled with DVB-S/MPEG-2 standard. With this integrated receiver, high definition digital picture and high fidelity digital stereo can be produced, so your dream to watch digital television comes true. In addition, you can enjoy digital multimedia. The integrated receiver has such functions as full-function infared remote control, Chinese-English menu display and simple operation.

An easy to read display is located in the middle of the front panel and either shows the selected channel or the current time (in standby mode). The buttons on the front panel allow using the receiver without the remote control. The rear panel is equipped with all necessary connections as other FTA receivers have. The remote control that comes with the receiver sits nicely in your hand and has a user-friendly layout.

A very comprehensive operating manual in English is the part of package. We expect various language versions for all respective markets will be available soon.

When the receiver is switched on for the first time, the main menu pops up and stays on the screen until all LNB settings are made and a channel search is completed. There is no pre-stored list of channels to speed up the initial setup.

Vision V-111 receiver supports DiSEqC 1.2. The box comes with a whole range of pre-stored oscillator frequencies and even if you insist on using your S-band antenna with this receiver you're free to use the manual LOF setup to make it all work.

After setting all parameters, there is a time for channel search. We select the Nilesat satellite for searching and find 492 TV and 88 Radio channels in 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Automatic switching between PAL and NTSC did not pose any problem for this box.

Vision V-111 receiver has a 4000-channel memory for TV and radio. Given the limitations of the channel memory the channel list editing functions become all the more important. Vision has done its homework in this area and channels can be deleted, moved, renamed or blocked with a PIN code to prevent children watching unsuitable channels. Favourite channels can be moved to any number of favourite lists. Favorites lists for easy recall at a later time with the push of a button on the remote control. Weak signals, on the other hand, didn't seem to be a problem for the receiver.

When programmes are played in full-screen, press “O” button to enter Nine pictures and the small picture of the channel with cursor plays normally.

As we have come to expect from Vision, the automatic scan was not the only scanning method: manual and other expanded scanning modes are also available whereby the latter lets you enter not only the frequency, symbolrate, polarization and modulation, but also the correct PIDs.

Vision V-111 receiver true to form with an easy-to-use channel list. A push of the OK button blends in the channel list and that can then be sorted and filtered to various criteria using the colored function buttons on the remote control. If the telephone should ring while you're comfortably watching a programme, a simple push of a button pauses the programme. As soon as you are finished with your telephone conversation, the programme can be restarted without you having missed a single second of that action movie or your favourite TV series.

The Vision V-111 receiver is one of the first fully capable receivers and yet still offers proven technology with an operational concept that is logically thought out and clearly arranged. It is absolutely family and living room friendly and should be part of any household that has an LCD or plasma TV.



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