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Test Report for Dynavision DAVINCI ULTRA HD PVR



Best HD PVR receiver lets you pause, rewind and record live TV. You can record up to 200 hours of programming in HD – and even more with an optional external hard drive. One of such HD PVR receiver is manufactured by Dynavision named DAVINCI ULTRA.

Never miss your favourite show again! The Dynavision Personal Video Recorder with HD can store hours of shows, movies, sports, and more on its huge hard drive, and the user-friendly interface makes it simple to find and record your favourite programmes.

The front panel of Dynavision DAVINCI ULTRA will never disappoint you. It has a power key, USB 2.0 host and some other necessary connections. There are all operation buttons on the front panel of the receiver. On the rear panel is a healthy sprinkling of connectivity. The rear panel has been designed keeping in view the ordinary users with possible connections. The remote control has plenty of useful 'shortcut' buttons – available functions include satellite selection, recordings, timer, video modes, multimedia and positioner.


A dedicated system menu is provided for basic receiver configuration. In AV settings the output mode (PAL/50 or NTSC/60) and resolution can be specified. For HDMI, all modes from 480p/576p to 1080p are available.

In addition to 1.0 and 1.1, this receiver supports 1.2 and USALS – all of the usual controls for dish movement are supported via the handset's coloured buttons. It has the capacity to store 8000 TV and Radio channels. The channel list – accessed with the 'OK’ button in the middle of the joypad – arranges the database into categories, which are selected with the coloured buttons. You can sort the list by 'all' (everything, sorted alphabetically), satellite, provider or 'favourites'.


It's easy to add channels to, or delete them from, these lists as taste dictates. Adding or removing lists can be conducted with similar ease.Pressing the 'info' button brings up now-and-next data. Running time and icons depicting audio and aspect ratio are also displayed. Press it again and more detailed information is available – the red, green and yellow buttons list service information, PIDs and transponder details respectively. With the Dynavision DAVINCI ULTRA, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to EPGs. It provides complete information for on screen channel.

With a hard drive – internal or external – present, the DAVINCI ULTRA becomes a single-tuner PVR. However, it's currently very limited compared with what's offered by other PVRs. Time shift is also available. More positively, you can watch another channel carried via the same transponder as another that's recording. Available channels are highlighted in the channel list. You can't record two such channels simultaneously.

The remote dedicates a button to the recordings list. Icons inform you what's been watched, and what hasn't. From here recordings can be selected for viewing, deleted or moved to an alternative storage device. Uniquely, recordings can be filtered by 'tags' contained within the EPG-derived recording name. The ability to enter your own search term hasn't been included, though. Trick playback is available. Channels surfing is quite fast, needs time less than one second between channels switching. parental control function will keep kids away from adult channels in your absence. Favourite channel list editing is also possible. You may bring the picture closer to your eye by zoom control function. Symbolrates starting at 2.45Ms/sec were handled effortlessly and its switching between PAL and NTSC guarantee its world wide use. The video signals are the RCB and CVBS formate. The integrated video games will give you the best company.

Picture and sound are both exemplary, especially via HDMI. Here's a receiver that home cinema buff s will warm to, courtesy of its intricate detailing, sensibly balanced colours and the wide contrast range of its HD pictures.



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