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Test Report for Star -X 2121 Laser

Star -X 2121 Laser


A new and beautiful receiver from Star-X has just landed in our test centre landed and we were happy to have such a beautiful and impressive receiver here. The front panel display of this unique designed receiver is totally changed from other HD receivers. The new model's design bears a close resemblance to those of its predecessors, and any updates in its functions and features are more incremental than otherwise. But when you add everything up, the verdict seems pretty clear. The remote control supplied with this box will simply fulfill all your demands. It has buttons for all the functions. The user manual is available in English and deserves special praise. It is clearly arranged, comprehensive and features pictures when you need them. Hardly any questions regarding the Star X 2121 laser will be left unanswered by this manual.

As soon as you will on the receiver for the first time, installation menu will greet you. Here you will also found antenna setting and other necessary settings. Star X 2121 laser supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and USALS protocols. It can easily be used with all the antenna systems.

When a user is landed in antenna setting menu, press the OK button and you will be able to see the pre-stored satellite list. You can press the channel keys and then press the OK to confirm the settings. Press the OK button, you can see the pre-stored transponder list and you can execute select, add, delete, add and press OK to select final settings. The channel search on an 80-transponder satellite took a little over three minutes, which is a remarkably good result. This receiver has the capacity to store 6000 TV and Radio channels.


Once the automatic scan feature is complete you can lock and delete channels from the main channel list (which can ordered alphabetically or numerically or toggled to show TV, HD, radio, recently viewed or favourites only) and create and name (using an onscreen keyboard) up to five favourites lists.

The EPG layout has a design not dissimilar to that found on other HD boxes. Information for seven channels at a time is clearly presented in a three-quarter screen timeline grid with the selected channel appearing in a window in the top left next to a synopsis. You can schedule reminders and recordings, use an onscreen keyboard to search by keyword (the receiver memorises previous searches) and view programme lists sorted according to preset genres.

Full eight-day DVB data for the current channel and others (without needing to change channels) may also be browsed from the programme information bar. This is stuffed with icons showing, among other things, what sound type is being broadcast, the programme resolution and whether it's set for recording. Time shifting (up to two hours) is also supported with the receiver constantly caching what you watch rather than you needing to press pause beforehand. If you want to keep what you're watching you can rewind the programme to a desired point and press record. Recordings are accessed in the video menu along with anything else you might have stored on the internal or external drives and all are tagged with thumbnail images.

The tuner used by Star-X has a very low threshold and managed to flawlessly process even the week signals from EUROBIRD2 26° East and NILESAT 7° West in our test. It also passed our SCPC test and the symbol rates from 2 to 45 MS/s as claimed by the manufacturer were verified in our test. Our test transponder on EUTELSAT SESAT 36° East with its very low symbol rate of 1 Ms/s could not be received, however.



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