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Test Report for Super Box WEE G2

Super Box WEE G2


This HD Receiver is fully compliant with the international DVB standard and thus transmits digital images, sounds, information guides and teletext directly to your TV through the satellite broadcasting.

Now you can comfortably see and receive digitally transmitted music, news, movie and sports satellite broadcasts in your office or at your home. You can enjoy interesting games embedded in HD Receiver.

Front panel really gives a pleasant feeling with its numerous buttons for controlling all the features of the receiver without remote control. And last but not least the four symbol segment display in case you would be interested in the channel number currently on or other service information. Rear panel might seem a little ascetic at first. But what do we actually need nowdays for HDTV reception? An HDMI output? You got it. S/PDIF audio output for a perfect sound? Here it is. Of course, the whole thing would not work without a satellite signal, so we have here an LNB input with a loop-through output.


With the remote control almost all features of the box can be easily addressed with, but it would have been nice to keep the possibility to control a TV-set.

Once SuperBox is powered up for the very first time, the user lands in an Installation Wizard. On-screen menu can be displayed in different languages. The same choice you get here for the preferred audio language as well as teletext character set. Next step lets you select your time zone, daylight savings options and if you would like to set the current time manually or rather let the receiver update it automatically from the satellite stream.

Third step brings us closer to the satellite-related stuff. First you have to add receiveable satellites. LOF frequencies can be freely entered, as well as endless DiSEqC options selected, since the receiver supports all versions of this protocol, from 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 to USALS. Once all work here is done, you're only one yellow-button-click away from channel search.

But while we are still at the installation stage, it would rather make sense to decide how fast you'd like to see the first picture on your TV screen. If you would rather prefer a more up-to-date channel list, run the regular channel search, which, for an 86-transponder satellite position in our test, was completed in 5 minutes resulting in 1180 TV and 215 Radio channels.

The channel list is still feature-loaded, allowing one-click sorting by alphabet, FTA/encrypted, provider or satellite. If the alphabet sorting is on, it's easy to select the first letter of the channel you're interested in, just select it on the remote in a way you would do on your mobile phone when typing an SMS. This box has enough capacity for 6000 TV and Radio channels.

SuperBox has an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) to help you navigate channels through all the possible viewing options. The EPG supplies information such as channel listings and starting and ending times for all available channels. While in full screen, press (INFO) key (press (INFO) key and (RED) key can open information screen, in the window shows the parameters of current channel. Pressing Zoom button will bring the picture closer to your screen.

The youtube menu is some internet applications. "youtube" can play stream media in "".

When you enter to this menu, you will see a screen like youtube. Or, what was really great to discover, now it's possible to listen to Internet shout cast radio stations right on the receiver! Forget about remaining in silence if the bad weather made satellite reception impossible for some time! And these are just the ones included in the official firmware, there are lots and lots of other plugins, it's just enough to google around, and your receiver's functionality will go beyond your imagination!

Even if Internet is inaccessible from the receiver, you can still view photos, play MP3s or movies from your HDD. While testing the SuperBox we noticed that audio and video were working superb.



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