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Test Report for Star Track SRT 2020 HD Plus

Star Track SRT 2020 HD Plus


The first thing that strikes your eyes when you see the front panel of SRT 2020 as it is very nice LCD display. The display shows channel numbers. We can see the number of the channel we are tuned to. Of course, in standby mode, it shows the present time. Letters and figures are composed from white dots, while the background is blue. While its readability from a distance leaves something to be desired, it can be really helpful when you need to control or programme your receiver without RCU.

The rear panel is equipped with all necessary connections of a modern HD receiver. You may find S/PDIF Coaxial, Digital Audio or Dolby Digital Bit Stream Output and many other necessary connections. Classical audio equipment can be connected either via RCA stereo audio output or via optical S/PDIF output. Remote control unit is well shaped and has good feel when you pressed any button. Since this is a HD TV receiver, it is by default prepared for a 16:9 HD TV-set. If you use it with a 4:3 SD TV-set connected to SCART, you may have some fun before you change the settings for the output device and see the stable picture.


After setting languages, we move to antenna settings. It is really nice to see here all DiSEqC versions available from 1.0 to 1.3 (USALS). 60 satellites from all over the world are pre-programmed and there is possibility to add 10 more. This is a big number! Transponder data is quite up-to-date but we may edit them manually.

Channels can be searched through different ways. You can set either FTA or all channels. This may be an important decision since we have only 6000 entries in the channel memory available. It is not too much if one has a motorized dish or multifeed system.

Some channels may be marked as scrambled being FTA for part of the day. So, if you are an user who must have all possible channels on the list, choose the all mode and network scan on. After searching each satellite, edit its channels getting rid of those you can not descramble in any circumstances.

In the all mode with the network scan set to ON, it took SRT 2020 10 minutes to scan Hotbird (13° East). It is not very impressive but acceptable. Different kinds of HDTV channels were found and processed without any problem. This includes DVB-S, DVB-S2 in QPSK and 8PSK, MPEG-4 and MPEG-2. Channel edit functions (delete, rename, move, lock and place in favourite) are quite efficient and comfortable.

However, the most important thing for the owner of a HDTV receiver is the video quality the box provides. And this is where we have to nothing but praise Star Track. Not only HDTV channels are displayed perfectly but also the traditional channels can be output as 576p, 720p or 1080i.

Extensive EPG guides are not very popular on FTA channels available in Europe. More often than not, satellite providers limit the broadcast data to the current and next events only, or even do not send program information at all. However those channels that broadcast full EPG data were processed by Star Track without any problem.

Except for the EPG, the current programme description is also presented in the information bar. As usually, more information is available after pressing the Info button for the second and for the third time. Infobar timeout, as well as the transparency of the whole OSD can be adjusted in OSD Settings menu. Parental lock facility by channel and programme event and programme and Channel information transfer from receiver to receiver is also available. Recording one channel and Time Shifting another channel is an important feature of this box.



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