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Test Report for Star Track SRT 2014 HD Platinum

Star Track SRT 2014 HD Platinum

 Star Track-SRT-2014-HD

So here it is the long awaited SRT 2014 HD Platinum. Even when the device is removed from its packaging, you will find that "something different" than we are unfortunately accustomed to. The receiver, whether off or on, it looks really nice. The display gives the appearance of professionalism that you are looking for similar devices in vain. Receiver, even when their performance is sufficient passive cooling.The front panel will never disappoint you. There are few buttons on the front panel. The back panel of the receiver is very well equipped with all connection options you're ever likely to require. The rear panel is equipped with smart card reader, Rs-232, USB port, HDMI output, S/PDIF and IR extension. The remote control that comes with the box deserves special praise, as it sits conveniently in your hand and comes with easy to find buttons.


The operating manual is of a similarly high standard, is very comprehensive and comes with helpful illustrations. We are confident the manual will answer all the questions you may have with regard to operating the SRT 2014 HD.

When the receiver is turned on for the first time it immediately switches to the main menu. The receiver support DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocol. SRT 2014 HD Platinum has the capacity to store 10,000 TV and Radio channels. It is equipped with updated C and Ku-band satellites.

The box is able to perform all the search functions we expect from a DVB-S/S2 receiver. It comes with a factory-installed list of all transponders of the 28 most frequently received European satellites. It goes without saying that this list can be edited manually and that new transponders can be added as required. On a positive note, we appreciated the fact that the LOF can be determined individually for each satellite entry based on a number of pre-set options or with manual setting. This makes the Star Track perfectly suitable for C band reception as well.

Thanks to manual transponder search it is possible to look for signals on a specified frequency only and to edit the pre-set transponder list. Any new frequencies canbe added without much ado and a touch of a button is all it takes to delete any discontinued transponder entries.

Like all other receivers we test the SRT 2014 HD Platinum, too, had to prove its worth with regard to very week signals. Weak signals were not a problem for Star Track. Optional PIN protection is available for all channels if you feel some channels are not appropriate for children or minors living in your household.

Continuing with audio/video settings, the receiver can be told which signal resolution your TV panel prefers so that you always get the best quality on screen. We should emphasise the fact that the SRT 2014 HD Platinum already supports 1080p, which means it is fit for the future of satellite television even today. The receiver automatically detects the colour standard of a received channel and adjusts the output signal accordingly.

No matter whether you have a 4:3 or 16:9 TV set, the box will deal it with it, and you may define the way 16:9 broadcasts are displayed on a 4:3 set. Once all basic parameters are set pressing the Exit button will bring you to thefirst receivable channel on the list. Every time a new channel is selected the SRT 2014 HD Platinum inserts an info bar on the bottom of the screen which includes date, time and information on the current and next event, if this information is provided. There are icons indicating encryption and the availability of subtitles, audio tracks as well as teletext.

Press the OK button and the clearly arranged channel list will pop up, with ten channel entries per page. The Favourite button accesses up to ten favourites lists which you can arrange in any fashion you like. Switching to HDTV or encrypted channels takes slightly longer. We were truly impressed with the video performance of this receiver even though most material on HD+ channels currently is upscaled SD content. Press the blue button to display multiple pictures and use the Red button to select the display options for 9 or 12 multiple pictures. There are three types of recording, Instant Recording, Time Schedule Recording and Event Scheduled Recording via EPG. STAR TRACK SRT 2014 HD Platinum is a family receiver and you will get maximum HD channels with this box.



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