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Test Report for Vantage HD 7100S PVR

Vantage HD 7100S PVR

The Intek is a HDTV Receiver with enormous equipment. The equipment is DVB-S and DVB-S2 suited, and supports the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 technology. The Receiver possesses 2 internal card readers those the Firecrypt, XCrypt and Conax system supports. Additionally the Intek Receiver has 2 CI Slots for the different CI modules like the Alphacrypt or Viaccess CI module. The equipment is thus fully pay TV able. The special at the Intek Receiver is however which it beside the USB2.0 connection also still another Lan/network connection possesses. So you even HDTV transmissions in the network can stream. For noting one can use either an external USB2.0 HDD, or one uses a non removable disk. The equipment is PVR ready.

On the front side of Intek Receiver, an easy-to-read VFD display is located in the centre. Below the display can be found a set of five buttons that let you operate the receiver if no remote control is at hand. Hidden nicely behind a flap are two CI slots. They can accept any compatible module such as Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Conax, Alphacrypt, etc.

The rear panel of Intek receiver is equipped with two scart connectors, S/PDIF, Rs-232, HDMI connection, S-video output, USB cable, RCA jacks and other necessary connections. The included remote control sits very nicely in your hand with buttons that are efficiently arranged making it fun to play with this receiver.

To start your receiver for the first time, you must select the language for displaying menus and you should set parameters for system configuration and scan satellite channels. Perform the following setup procedure for scanning the satellite. Follow the instructions below to scan satellite channels. You can enjoy watching TV or listening to the Radio after the procedure completes.

Especially important with a receiver that will most likely be used with LCD or plasma TV's, is naturally the HDMI output and above all the video format to be used.

Intek Receiver has been designed specially for the international market. There is an extensive selection of OSD languages available: in addition to German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and Polish, Finnish and Hungarian are also available.

The main menu has been carefully designed from user-friendly point of view to assure easy operation to your receiver. The main menu is classified into 7 sub menus that will carry out the various operations individually.

You can see the TV or Radio channel list pressing the OK button while watching TV or listening to the Radio. Switch the channel list pressing the Mode button. The icon (€) behind the channel name symbolizes scrambled channel, and the ( ) icon behind the channel name symbolizes indicates a locked channel.

Once the initial settings have been taken care of and the receiver is matched up with the TV, the next step takes you directly into the Installation menu so that all the external connections can be set up in the receiver. The Intek Receiver with two tuners that can receive channels in both DVB-S and DVB-S2.

Intek Receiver has the capacity to store 10,000 TV and Radio channels and included a preprogrammed list of satellites that for the most part comes with up-to-date transponder data. In addition, the receiver supports 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2 protocol. The Intek Receiver have automatic scan as well as manual and Blind scanning services.

Thanks to the two fully functional DVB-S and DVB-S2 tuners, this receiver is capable of recording two different programmes at the same time (regardless if it is HD or SD) and also play back a third previously recorded programme from the hard drive (again, regardless if it is HD or SD) or a third over-the air programme.

EPG displays programme information such as programme titles, broadcasting schedule, Programme synopsis and such EPG service differ depending on the service provider.

You can access to the multimedia function with USB, SATA and Ethernet device. Whenever you connect or disconnect USB & SATA jack in the STB, You must keep the STB in Stand by mode. You can just use power button with RCU and front panel power key. Connect USB stick or External HDD through USB connector. You can choose the OSD teletext, VBI teletext, subtitle and DVB subtitle for the current live TV programme if provided from the broadcasting station. You can see multi picture by pressing the RED (mosaic) button. You can also make the picture appear larger on the screen pressing the Zoom button.



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