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Test Report for Jiuzhou DTS6600 HDTV PVR

Jiuzhou DTS6600 HDTV PVR

JIUZHOU has been in CATV industry since 1958. With 50 years development, we expand from analogue equipments into DVB digital TV headend equipments and fiber optic transmission equipments. All production processes are controlled and supervised according to ISO 9001 standards. The new Jiuzhou DTS6600 has unlimited features. The receiver comes in a plain silver case.

The front panel supports a very easy to read 4-digit segment display, flanked by two LEDs to indicate the box's operating mode. Hidden behind a flap are seven keys to operate the DTS 6600 without remote control, as well as two CI slots which accept all standard modules such as Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Conax, Nagravision and so on. Only the standby button can be reached without opening the flap. The back panel reveals a comprehensive range of connections such as the satellite, input and loop-through output, a HDMI interface for fully digital video and audio transmission, three sockets for YUV as well as three additional RCA jacks for stereo audio and composite video--specifically for the European market – two scart euroconnectors. and a USB 2.0 port is available. A digital audio output makes sure any home cinema system is fed with crystal-clear audio and a USB 2.0 port is available for connection external storage media to use the PVR functionality. The perfect overall impression is rounded off by a main power switch. The included remote control sits nicely in your hand, its buttons are easy to reach, clearly labelled and provide convenient feedback when pressed. The user's manual is clearly written in English.

The Jiuzhou DTS 6600 does offer an installation wizard. On a positive note we can state that all available HD channels from the German and English countries transmitted via ASTRA 19.2° East and ASTRA2 28.2° East were already included in that list. In order to customise the box according to personal preferences all you have to do is press the MENU button to call up a clearly structured and well-organised menu of available options. The main menu is divided into five groups with a number of sub-groups each. For the time being the latest Jiuzhou receiver is not yet a genuine globetrotter as the OSD is only available in German, English, Dutch or French. You can be assured, however, that this list will be extended by the manufacturer in one of the upcoming software updates. What we like: you can set the receiver to show the current time instead of the channel number even when it is turned on. Before you can actually use all the features of the DTS 6600 it first has to be set up to work with your existing reception system. To this end DiSEqC protocols 1.0 for up to four satellites, 1.1 for up to 16 satellites as well as 1.2 and 1 . 3 (USALS) for motorized antennas are available. A current satellite list of 56 European satellite positions is pre-stored and we noticed that even the transponder data must have been updated only recently as they are very up-to-date. With an easy-to-use satellite and transponder editor it is child's play to add, delete or edit satellites as well as transponder entries. If required, you can also activate network scan so that any pay TV transponders that are not yet pre-stored will also be detected by the receiver. For our test satellite with just over 100 transponders finally took almost ten minutes, which means it is a little on the slower side. Naturally, a manual scan gives you even greater options and you can manually enter frequency, symbol rate, polarisation, PID, modulation (with the receiver supporting QPSK in DVB-S and QPSK as well as 8PSK in DVB-S2) and FEC. Luckily, the DTS 6600 offers a number of options for achieving this. Individual channels can be deleted, moved, renamed or protected with a PIN code to keep your kids from watching unsuitable material. A total of eight favourite lists are available to be filled with just the channels you really watch on a regular basis. Sorting the channel list can be done by pushing the Zoom button on the remote.

The new Jiuzhou receiver is reasonably fast when switching between channels, which holds also true for changing between SD and HD offerings. The EPG menu always shows information for six channels at a time. With the help of the colour-coded buttons you can change the date or jump to the current time



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