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Test Report for Fte Max S 222 E

Fte Max S 222 E

The receiver includes an installation assistant (Quick Setup) that will help you to setup the different parameters. When the receiver is turned on at first time (using the button at the rear panel of the receiver), the next menu is shown on the TV.

The receiver is programmed with all the channels of Astra (at position 1 of the DISEqC), Hotbird (at position 2 of the DISEqC), Hispasat (at position 3 of the DISEqC) and Turksat (at position 4 of the DISEqC). If your installation is different to this case, please follow installation steps to search the channels. In order to move through the different options of this menu, please use the keys of your remote control. If a “Short circuit on the LNB” message is shown on the TV, please check the connections before continuing the installation. The selection of languages include: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic and Farsi. Some channels offer more than one audio language. This function allows you to set the preferred audio language for those channels using. If a channel offers the same audio language as the “First Audio” you set the system will play this audio language as default. If the channel does not offer this audio language then the system will compare the offered languages with the second audio language. If the channel has no audio language that corresponds with “First Audio” but with “Second Audio” the system will play the second audio language as default. If no audio language corresponds with the “Second Audio” then the default language of the current channel will be played instead.

Channels can be searched through Single and Multi Search. Once the antenna is configured, this option allows search for the channels of one satellite. Multi Search: Once the antenna is configured, this option allows search for the channels of various satellites. On “Satellite” item press [OK] to open the satellite list. Then press to move the highlight and press [OK] to mark/unmark and [EXIT] to finish the selection.

You can select several satellites in this menu. At the bottom of the screen you can see the selected satellites. The system will use DiSEqC1.0/1.1, DiSEqC1.2 and USALS functions to search the marked satellites and scan channels. On “FTA Only” item, press to select scanning of all channels or just scanning of free channels. If you select “Yes” it will scan free channels only. It is recommended to setup the clock before starting to enjoy the receiver, because correct time maybe is required by some applications. If the current channel provides the correct time information, you will see the current time after you entered “Time” menu. If the channel doesn’t provide time information, you have to input the date and time information manually. The most channels support the time signal. It is recommended to setup the modulator output channel before starting to enjoy the receiver, especially if you are using this output for getting the picture on the TV and mixing it with an existing antenna signals.

The receiver includes an UHF modulator, allowing connecting a TV set or VCR without SCART connector. The modulator has an antenna input and the output range is from channel 21 to 69. This will allow you to mix the existing antenna signals with the output channel generated by the receiver. The modulator output is factory preset to channel 38.

In Multi-Picture mode the screen will display 9 channels’ preview window (static), starting from the current channel. Only the marked preview program is continuously playing. The STB supports Electronic Program Guides (EPG) to give you information about the actual programs of certain channels like event name, subtitle, description, start and finish time. This feature is depending on the service of the channel provider. Press [EPG] to open the EPG window. The [Red] button opens the detailed schedule of the marked channel. You can select an event with and display the event’s detailed description with [OK]. With the [Yellow] button you can program a timer with the start and finish time and date of this event. Press the [Green] button in the EPG menu to display the detailed information of the actual event in the selected channel. With the [Red] button you can get more information about the events of the channel. With the [Yellow] button you can program a timer with the start and finish time and date of this event. If you push “Exit”: it will make the fast recording and will obviate the temporised events that will get in conflict. Anyway, in the moment of the temporised event the user are inquired again about if he wants to carry out the programmed event. In case of no response, it will continue with the fast recording. In order to stop a recording before the ending of the programmed length, press the [Stop]-Key. A new window will be shown in order to confirm the end of the recording. If you press the Key [Rec], the recording will continue. Press the key [Stop] again to end the recording manually, if you want to end the recording before the programmed length. In this receiver, the PiP function (Picture in Picture) allows you to visualize 2 channels of the same transponder at the same time. You can set a password for anyone who wishes to operate the “Installation” menu. You can also set the password to lock channels.



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