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Test Report for Topfield SRP-2410 HD PVR

Topfield SRP-2410 HD PVR

The SRP-2410 HD PVR is the newest digital satellite receiver. This feature packed receiver is capable of receiving audio and video satellite broadcasts from around the world. The SRP-2410 includes a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) which offers the user the ability to record, fast-forward or play back programming. With its built-in hard drive, you will enjoy up to unlimited hours of pre-recorded programming. The receiver is fully MPEG-2 and DVB-S compliant and comes with the capabilities to record one programme on a separate channel while you are watching something else on another channel, hence the reason why it includes two tuners. The front panel of SRP-2410 HD PVR is attractively designed.

The front panel of SRP-2410 has various buttons to control the box, specific lamps and a display to indicate its status. As soon as you will open a flap on the right side of the box, you will come across the USB port for firmware update and data transfer. The rear panel has everything what a HD receiver should have. It is equipped with two scart connectors, HDMI output, USB port, S/PDIF, RCA jacks and a power button for turning on and off the box completely. The remote control has easy access to all functions. Above all, the user manual is written very clear in English. SRP-2410 HD PVR supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocols. DiSEqC 1.0 is available for switching between different receivable satellites and users of a motor-controlled antenna will find DiSEqC 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) very handy. The DiSEqC 1.1 for addressing up to 16 LNBs is also present, so that owners of a multifeed antenna with several LNBs will be able to fully use all their signals with this box for the time being. If you prefer not to connect the SRP-2410 to your TV using HDMI you can manually select the output signal type (RGB or CVBS) as well as the aspect ratio and the colour system Thanks to the huge variety of pre-programmed or manually selectable LOF values the Topfield SRP-2410 is a match for virtually any available LNB. Even an S band antenna is possible, if you so desire. The up-to-date transponder list can be edited for each single satellite at the touch of a button, which means that deactivated or newly switched on transponders can be deleted or added in next to no time. So now’s the time to fill the receiver’s transponder list with channels, which is done with an automatic channel search. We tested the unit on an 80-transponder satellite and clocked a little over ten minutes for a complete channel search. In addition to the standard search mode you can activate the network mode or a manual search, while pros can search for channels using the relevant PID values. No more than 10000 TV and radio channels can be stored, which we believe is very enough. Press the EXIT key now to switch to the first channel on the list, once all initial setting and the channel search are completed.

The SRP-2410 inserts a well-arranged info bar with information regarding the current and next event as well as additional icons indicating teletext, subtitles, Dolby Digital audio, channel options and the aspect ratio of the currently selected channel. As with all other HDTV receivers, the SRP-2410 is able to put out the video signal via HDMI in 576p, 720p or 1080i.These three modes as well as the aspect ratio can be selected with a dedicated key on the remote control, which we believe to be a very handy solution. Thus it is perfectly possible to watch HDTV channel using 1080i while regular SDTV channels are set at 720p, for example. It takes a little less than a second to switch from one channel to the next. Only when the new channel broadcasts a HDTV signal does it take slightly longer. You can record a programme while watching another one with the digital receiver. You can record two different services while watching another one if two among the services are provided through the same transponder. You can also record two different programmes while playing back a previously recorded programme. You can also set a programme to be recorded at a specific time. Even if the receiver is in standby mode, it will switch into operation mode and start recording at a specified time.

The perfect overall impression of this receiver is complemented by a number of additional features. For instance, you can save the channel list and all settings in the internal memory. If you happen to mess up your channel list or to delete one of your favourite channels at some stage you simple load the existing configuration from the internal memory and undo any damage you may have caused.



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