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Test Report for Star Track SR-X65

Star Track SR-X65

The youngest receiver of Star Track SR-X 65 deserves the description 'quantum leap' without a doubt. Owners of plasma or LCD screens are furious about the often miserable video quality of many free-to-air satellite channels and doubt they have made a wise move by investing lots of money into state-of-the-art screens which are fed by low-quality satellite channels. Everyone knows that a bad picture becomes worse the bigger the screen it is watched on. Many viewers lament the low resolution of their favourite channels and the limited bandwidth the programme providers use. Unfortunately, these complains are hardly ever listened to and in order to keep operational expenses low many programme providers experiment with using even less resources to transmit their signals.

The design of the SR-X 65 can best be described as unpretentious but elegant. The front panel sports an extremely easy-to-read alphanumeric display (VFD) as well as the buttons to operate the receiver without using the remote control.

The excitement does not stop when we look at the packed back panel which includes – apart from the IF input , three RCA jacks, RS-232 interface, RF input and a main power switch. You will also find an RF modulator and an optical audio output for perfect surround sound. A main power switch rounds off the perfect picture. The included remote control features an ergonomic design, user-friendly layout and sits nicely in your hand. The user manual is available in English and deserves special praise. It is clearly arranged, comprehensive and features pictures when you need them. Hardly any questions regarding the receiver will be left unanswered by this manual.

The pre-programmed channel list is very up-to-date and many channels on the list could be received easily. Once you activate the very smart and animated main menu a whole world of options opens up in front of you. This SR-X 65 receiver seems to be a genuine globetrotter, and the languages it can understand are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugal, Russian, Turkish, Polish and Arabic.

The receiver supports DiSEqC protocols 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS). The channel search of 1229 TV and 478 Radio channels were completed in 4 minutes, which is a remarkably good result. The searched channels can be edit, delete, sort and moved to the favourite list. SR-X 65 did a great job for the EPG, as it is nicely arranged, builds up quickly on the screen and shows all information correctly and efficiently sorted. Timer entries can be created and saved directly through the EPG.

SR-X 65 receiver has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels and comes preprogrammed with 64 updated satellites from worldwide. The receiver has no problem with symbolrates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec. It switches automatically between PAL and NTSC. Kids may be keep away from adult channels via activating parental control function. Switching between channels is fast.

There's a full EPG, with a choice of multi channel, all-day or programme detail views, plus the usual now-and-next onscreen banner. Teletext fans can choose between a built-in viewer and using their TV with the VBI-reinserted signal. There's a sleep timer and single event on-off timer, and a pause screen option which can zoom in to enhance detail.

SR-X 65 is an easy to use family receiver. The menus are very nicely organized. The EPG is designed with clarity and loads the data reasonably fast and then reliably displays this information. If you are feeling bore and there is nothing to watch, you can entertain yourself by video games.



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