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Test Report for Premium LNBs

Premium LNBs

What is an LNB?

LNB means Low Noise Block-converter. An LNB sits on the end of an arm and faces the parabolic reflector ("dish") which focuses the signals from a satellite 24,000 miles away into the "feed horn" of the LNB. Satellites use comparatively high radio frequencies to transmit their signals.

As microwave satellite signals do not easily pass through walls, roofs, or even glass windows, satellite antennas are required to be outdoors, and the signal needs to be passed indoors via cables. The LNB converts the signals to a lower frequency and sends them out to the cable connector, which you connect to your satellite receiver via coaxial cable. Universal LNB. A universal LNB can receive both polarisations (Vertical and Horizontal) and the full range of frequencies in the satellite Ku band. A Universal LNB requires a 22kHz signal to switch in 10.6GHz "high band", Or in 9.75GHz "low band" Polarisation switching is controlled by dc voltage supplied by the receiver. 12.5v to 14.5v gives vertical and 15.5 to 18v gives horizontal polarisation. A higher voltage than that may damage the LNB but most are OK up to 20v. A voltage that is too low (less than 12.5v) will prevent the LNB from working correctly. The history of PREMIUM LNB :

Was started the "Premium LNB" in 2005, in base of On that time more people remember the Philips and strong LNBs as famous brand. On that time we feel that, Premium LNB is working well and more better, rather than other chine's LNBs. Actually most of the receiver on that time was Korean , but in 2006 and 2007 it come more chine's receiver in market and some time it is not working same as before , it was good but we feel it is not make satisfy all the users. Therefore we start the next step. We start in 2007 with new project, The name of that new LNB was "PREMIUM 2 "

And we modify the old LNB : We change the tip (place that signal enter inside LNB) from the 55 mm to 60 mm. Therefore we can received the better signal, We put the transparency layer in tip, and can see easily inside,We make little longer rather than before. We get very good result after the changes these cases, In next step, In 2008, we found so many satellite and it was beginning starting for Hd receivers, Some of the satellite was weak signal and people looking for better LNB. Also, some HD receiver have freezing with normal LNBs, We start with new project name "PREMIUM HD" We had some changes in it : Add some more layers in feed horn, Make straight of tip area, Increase gain and bring the noise figure little down.

After the testing new LNBs , we get good result and this LNB be famous till now, You can see the premium 2 and premium hd in below: In 2008, we found more installer using the 2-3 LNBs, in one dish, but some time our old LNBs, was heavy and after install, it bring the holder of LNBs little down and result was lower signal, Therefore we decide to make another small LNB, with same specifies, with name "LNB premium Turbo".

In middle of 2009, we found the new technology in IC chipset , to increase and amplifier the signal from NEC company, Also in Iran starting for filtering the satellite via sending the extra noise, Therefore we try to design other new LNB, similar the HD lnb with better result, And we success in this case. Because this LNB was so similar of old LNB, we keep name "PREMIUM SUPER HD"

We make notice, we found so many duplicate LNB in same name or with little different name such as "PREMIUMX HD", "PREMIUMX 2", "PREMIUM 3", "PREMIUM1", "PREMIUM2 HD" OR "HD PREMIUM", We try to avoid them .Premium HD is a registered Brand , and some SWINDLER people make duplicate the LNB and customer can not find what is different between them, In model "Premium super hd", we print the name in body of LNB, And in all the model of premium LNB, we have original 3D sticker, Just for check and see the duplicate lnb visit the website

In next step, it is not make satisfy us and we continue in it, to make more more better than this, The latest Model of this LNBs with name "PREMIUM HD GOLD"

This LNB is using the smart technology with new chipset, with the classic design. It is very easy for install and It has best signal rather than all LNBs in Middle east, Just enough to test one to see what is different with normal LNBs, If you have freeze in your picture, if u want to receive weak satellite. If u want to delivery the good system to your customers and be relax , select this LNB.



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