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Test Report for Topfield TF 6000 F

Topfield TF 6000 F

Topfield is always developing new ideas with new receivers. New technology is used in all its receivers. One of such latest innovation from Topfield is TF 6000 F.

The cabinet of the TF 6000 F is simple but elegant. The front panel VFD display is designed different to most of its competitors. There are buttons on the front panel, which are used to control the box, when the remote control goes missing.

The excitement began when we look at the rear panel. In addition to a satellite LNB input and LNB Out, we also found RCA jacks, an RS-232 interface, an RF modulator output and, of course, an optical digital audio output. To round out the entire picture, there's also a main power switch. The included remote control is ergonomically designed and sits nicely in your hand with buttons that are clearly labeled. The user manual is clearly written in English. It will answer all your questions.

The new TF 6000 F receiver is definitely multilingual in terms of the on-screen menu languages. Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish and so many other languages are available for communication. Once you select a language, the menu will be immediately displayed in the selected language.

Once you've reached the antenna settings you need to tell the box which positions can be received with the existing equipment and how the receiver should switch between available positions. The TF 6000 F features a list of pre-stored European and Asian satellite positions and a number of selection options for each single entry. For example, DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.1 are sup-ported for multi-feed installations while protocols 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) are available for rotating dishes. A number of pre configured LNB type settings can be called up and even if you insist on connecting your new S-band antenna to the TF 6000 F you'll be happy to know that LOFs can be entered manually as well. Once all the settings have been taken care of, a channel scan would come next. The most straight-forward scan would be a satellite scan. This would be fine if you knew the stored transponder data to be completely up-to-date and that this data would never change. But we all know that this is not true. New transponders appear all the time. As soon as the scanning is completed, the receiver goes on saving the channels completely.

Channel edit functions (delete, rename, move, lock and place in favorite) are quite efficient and comfortable. Switching between channels is fast, making the Topfield a best receiver. After switching to a new channel an info bar is inserted with details about the current programme. There are details regarding the programme that is coming up next. The EPG of the TF 6000 F is another outstanding feature of this box. All event details of most channels are quickly loaded and displayed either as a chart for several channels or for each individual channel. At first the receiver shows an overview of all days for which information is available, and when clicking on an available date the programme preview is displayed. Thanks to this clever design the EPG is extraordinarily clear and concise, making sure even beginners will quickly learn how to use it. Pressing the M1 button displays the multi-picture options, you can choose one among four layouts: 4, 9, 13 or 16 screens. When exploring the menu system, we discovered among the others: setting TV aspect (4:3 and 16:9), setting screen adjusting mode (Letter Box and Pan Scan), setting time generation either as a local system of from the data stream (as an offset form GMT) and 8 event timers.

TF 6000 F is very ideal receiver. Its menus are logically composed. Menu screens have video insets as well as hints prompting us which button does what. So the user's manual is hardly ever needed.



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