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Test Report for Premium HD Multi Switches

Premium HD Multi Switches

Satellite industry is improve more during last 5 years. When the digital receiver is arrive, just we have few satellite with few channels, but by now every thing is change and we have so many option to select our favorite channels in different satellites.

The first technology is come for receivers was DiSeqC switch , that allow to you to select 4 or 6 or 8 till 16 satellite for one receiver.

Another technology is come for motorize antenna, that allow to move dish and select more satellite , but this way also is expensive. Now most of us, living in apartment and if every body want to put 2-3 dish in roof, you must image very ugly roof with more problem, such as hard to move and need expenses for every body to fix their dish,…

Therefore what is the best solution for it?. Technology always introduce the new thing for human to solving the problem, The best way is use central dish and share it with Multi switch.

Just you need to install one dish for each satellite and make share for all the unit in apartment, We have so many different multi switch, with different brand. We will help you to select the suitable model for your apartment or villa. As you know, for normal dish for receive the signal, we need to have LNB. Same as that, for central dish we need one Universal Quattro LNB or LNC.

The difference of Universal Quattro LNB with normal LNB is just in range of frequency.

In normal LNB all frequency of LOW or HIGH, receive in one part but in Universal Quattro LNB will receive separate in H High, V High, H Low, V Low.

Therefore in brief Universal Quattro LNB is provide four mode signal (two frequency ranges and two polarisations) for feed multi switch, We are suggest to you to use the "PREMIUM SUPER HD" Brand,

It is high quality brand with no lose signal, It is good same as his normal LNBs that we introduce before, Another part in the central building is Multi switch. We have so many different model in it. and we must select which model is suitable for us, We have models such as 9*8, 9*16, 17*16, 17*24,….

Numbers show, In the first part show how many input you need and in the second part show for how many receiver, this multi switch can be support.

For example, for model 9*8 means: we can put 2 satellite (each satellite need 4 port) and one terrestrial input and in second part means, we can connect this multi switch to 8 receiver.

Just we make note that, each receiver can watch different satellite or channel and doesn't have any effect for another receivers Therefore in brief, The Quattro LNB provides the signals for all four of the modes at the same time. The multi switch then selects which of these signals to send to each receiver.

Some multi switches can also mix in terrestrial TV and Antenna signals in UHF, VHF. usually can find this switch in end of the multi switch part. This allows satellite, TV and radio service to be supplied down a single cable saving on installation costs.

If u have very big building, you can use more than one multi switch. And if you need to use for big building, is better for use amplifier. Usually if your cable is long, you will be have lose signal and for solving this problem we use amplifier. The amplifier that use for multi switch usually is come with same number of input of multi switch.

Usually we have 9*9 or 13*13 or 17*17

Now, we better understand about multi switch, now this question will happen. how we select the good multi switch.

First thing that we must care, is how company can support it, most of the company suggest 1,2, or 3 year warranty of their product.

Another case is, we must look and check multi switch shape and inside tools, Usually multi switch will come with adaptor that some company, take another charge from you but some give free include the multi switch. also must check the place of screw for wall, must enough strong and metal cover must have enough strong for shock or another normal destroy, Most important is, multi switch must support good signal of input and output, It means, if you connect the receiver to direct dish and connect via the multi switch, can not have more different if you select the good multi switch.

You must be know, if the multi switch is not work, all the building, can not watch channels. Therefore it is important to select the one good brand.

We are suggest the PREMIUM HD Multi switches:

Because has different models for your building Long life Multi switch with High quality with high gain and low lose signal 3 year warranty for their models. It is strong for any shock and with high quality cover The low or high temperature doesn't' have effect in it. In very good price and it Made in Taiwan



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