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Test Report for Sat Finder Xtra-S DSF-8800

Sat Finder Xtra-S DSF-8800

The DSF-8800 Digital Satellite Finder Meter is an innovative professional satellite identification and alignment meter. This device is easy to operate. The signal strength and picture quality (BER) meter will speed up and improve your dish installation. If you are a professional installer and want a finder that can identify a particular satellite, then this is the one.

While most pointing devices only give you a general idea that there are indeed satellites in the sky and allow you to peak the signal, the DSF-8800 takes you one step further by positively identifying the satellite. Hold on the ON key until the boot logo is shown. The signal finding menu will be shown when you the system will be boot on. press the menu key. The name of satellite Press Ok to view the satellite list for selection and use [£¥] key to scroll through the satellite, and press OK again to confirm the selection. Press OK to view the LNB type list and[£¥]key to scroll through the LNB value, and press OK again to confirm the selection. The type selection depends on the LNB fixed on the dish. Press OK to view the DiSEqC option list and [£¥] key to scroll through the option, and press OK again to confirm the selection. The signal level of each frequency is displayed vertically, the lower frequencies appear at the left of the screen and the higher ones at the right. The spectrum level will increase suddenly to a certain data, and cover for a certain width, it will means that a transponder signal. A transponder spectrum data will cover a certain width, and the spectrum level will increase suddenly to a certain width. This is a Digital UHF TV aerial and Satellite signal finder all in one hand held unit. When you find your desired signal there are lights plus an audible signal indicator. This Sat Finder is the most sensitive TV signal finder of our range and probably on the market, with the added bonus of a built in Satellite Finder.

DSF-8800 satellite finder is a satellite signal meter. This is essential for pointing satellite dishes accurately at communications satellites in the geostationary orbit. Thus it becomes an important part of installing a dish for satellite television viewing. While pointing the dish towards the satellite, the satellite finder is necessary. Before aligning the dish you should turn the gain knob up sufficient so that the needle and the tone are activated. You should get a good azimuth reading on the compass. The dish is made of metal. If the reading on the compass is taken near it, it will be incorrect. You should stand back a few feet and look at a tree top or a house at a distance. Then you should set the elevation setting on the scale on the dish mount. The dish should be placed in such a way that it is loose enough to move side to side and up and down. It should be firmly placed. To know the azimuth and the elevation. Thus, a satellite finder is a very important part of installing a dish to receive signals when connecting to a television and viewing programs of your choice. Alignment, azimuth and compass reading also play an important part in getting the satellite finder to fix on the right satellite for viewing. All types of cable networks and dish antennas require that it faces a satellite to get show the programs. So, the work of a satellite finder is of utmost importance in installing a dish antenna. With more and more channels coming up and more and more satellites beaming the programs, the work of a satellite finder has to be taken into account while installing a dish for television viewing. The DSF-8800 is a professional, quality made instrument for setting and aligning a satellite dish to any satellite. According to parameters of the satellite, you can set and align a satellite dish very accurately, quickly and conveniently. Overall, the workmanship of the DSF-8800 leaves nothing to be desired and the manual turns out to be very well designed and provides answers to any questions that may arise when working with this new signal meter.



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