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Test Report for WizTech 9999 HD

WizTech 9999 HD

The recent technological breakthrough in broadcast signals from the traditional analog NTSC, PAL, and SECAM formats to a digital signal format with a higher resolution is called as High-Definition television (HDTV). For users demanding an HDTV experience on their personal computers, HDTV receiver units are available as expansion cards from manufacturers. One of such receiver from WizTech is 9999 High Definition receiver.

The front panel of 9999 HD‏ has buttons to perform basic functions such as changing channels, adjusting volume, and powering on and off. The specific LEDs and a display are to indicate its status. The rear panel is equipped with HDMI connector, TV scart connector, USB slot and RCA jacks. You can connect the SPDIF connector of the STB to the Digital Audio compatible equipment. Plug one end of the cable into the S/PDIF socket on the digital STB, and plug the other end into the matching socket on your audio system. The remote control will not disappoint you during any operation and has any access to all the functions. User can power on/off by pressing the main switch at the back of the STB. STB can be set to “Standby Mode” by pressing the power button once on the RCU or the front panel. You can see TV Channels for more detailed information about the channel, press the info button, so you can see the information bar in below side. If you press INFO button once, the Information Bar for the current channel will inform you the program number and name, Signal level and quality, Broadcasting time and etc. While you watch TV, press the menu button in remote controller, so the sub menu bar is displayed in the left side. If you want to check the program guide select the program guide in sub menu. Or, while you watch TV, press EPG button on RCU, so you can see the programming guide. The sub programming guide of the selected program will be displayed with small screen. In the channel list, Press the CH UP/DW or VOL UP/DW buttons to move to other channel or to see previous/next guide. You can reserve to play the STB by pressing Red button. And by pressing Green button, you can reserve to record the program by selecting it on the program guide table. If you want to check extended information of selected channels, select the Yellow button.

You can check the weekly EPG by selecting the Blue button in RCU. Pressing the Info button once more displays extended information about the current program. To hide the information box, press the Exit button. When the unit is connected to external memory device through USB port, You can instantly record the program you are watching at present. To record a program, take the following steps: To record the present channel program, press REC button once. And you can see the pop-up message indicating the recording. Or, Select record in sub menu and choose the device you want to record and select “Yes”. If there is no device for record connected to STB, the record is not available. To display the current recording status, press REC button again, so you can see the record set up pop up message and you can check the recorded file name, recording date and time. You can set a service to be recorded or turned to the channel at a specific time.

After pressing the “ Home” button on Remote control, 12 icons are visible ( TV, Movie, Music, Photo, You tube, Browser, Internet TV, Game, Add On, CH Manager, Satellite Install and Settings. Wiz- 9999 HD model can be available with two satellite tuners as well as Combo version (Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable). Wiz-9999 HD models support an optional wireless network dongle and key board. Up to date software support and PC tools for all functions. The Reserved Program option displays date, channel, program and section for the programs currently reserved by the viewer. You can set the time shift. Time shift is enabled when the USB device is connected in the STB. In sub menu, you can set time shift. During you watching the channels, press menu button and you can set the time shift in sub menu, select the storage. To view the Channel List, press the OK button while you watch the TV. On the channel list, you can see the service information: Service number and name, Transmitting satellite and Channel Information. To watch a desired channel, put the highlight bar on its entry with the Navigation buttons and press the OK button, then you can see the channel and channel information on the window of right side in screen. If you see this channel, press the OK button again. The channels may be searched by three ways, including Manual, Advanced and Network Search. Through Advanced Search, you can search the specific channel with channel PID value in a certain TP. If you want to view media files which are stored in your USB device, select Movie, Music or Photo in the main menu. The screen shows up the supported files stored in your USB device or PC folder shared with your network.WizTech 999 HD is an ideal receiver equipped with all advanced functions. You may find latest video games to watch them during long commercial breaks.



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