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Test Report for Topfield SBI-2010

Topfield SBI-2010

The SBI-2010 digital receiver is fully compliant with the international Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard, and thus is able to receive digital broadcasts of that standard. For its operation you need an antenna, which must be installed appropriately.

The front panel of the digital receiver has buttons to control the digital receiver, specific lamps and a display to indicate its status. The following indicates what they mean. There is a flap on the middle of the front panel that protects the USB port behind it from dust, into which you can plug a USB device like a memory stick. The SBI-2010 rear panel has all the necessary connections. Pull the right edge of the front panel to open the flap. You have to insert your subscription card into the front slot to watch pay services. When you insert a subscription card, the side on which the chip is mounted must face upward. The remote control has an easy access to all the functions of the receiver. When using the remote control, point it at the remote sensor on the front panel of the digital receiver. A very comprehensive operating manual in English was also part of our package.

When the receiver is switched on for the first time the main menu pops up and stays on the screen until all LNB settings are made and a channel search is completed. There is no prestored list of channels to speedup the initial setup. SBI-2010 has the capacity to store 10,000 TV and Radio channels. With this digital receiver, you can view pay services scrambled with the IRDETO conditional access system. Probably you have a subscription card. If you would like to view information in detail about your subscription card, select the Irdeto Access menu. There you can also check the messages from the broadcasting operator. The digital receiver has a database of broadcasting satellites and their transponders, containing the following information satellite position, frequency range, symbol rate, polarization and LNB frequency corresponding to the frequency range. So you might not have to specify the LNB Frequency option. However, if you have selected the other entry at the Satellite. Name option to specify a satellite that is not in the satellite list, you might have to fill in the correct LNB frequency. The absolute difference between a broadcasting frequency and its LNB frequency must be within 950 to 2150 MHz. For example, if the frequency band of your desired satellite ranges from 3660 to 4118 MHz, you have to set the LNB Frequency option to 5150 MHZ. The LNB has to be supplied with electric power to operate. Set the LNB Power option to On if it does not have any other power supply. If you use a dual LNB or two antennas which is connected to the 22 kHz tone switch box, set the 22 kHz option to On.

The digital receiver is designed to be compatible with DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control) switches. It is possible to connect several antennas to one digital receiver by DiSEqC switches. A DiSEqC 1.0 switch allows switching between up to four satellite sources and a DiSEqc 1.1 switch allows switching between up to 16 satellite sources. With the Auto mode, the digital receiver tries to search every service, relying on the transponder data which is stored at the time of manufacture. It thus may happen to fail to search all actually available services since services are more often than not launched, discontinued, or removed into another transponder. To avoid such missing, you had better set the Search Mode item to Blind. With the Blind mode, the digital receiver tries to search every service, scrutinizing every transponder with every possible combination of transponder elements. It thus may require many minutes or even many hours. It is possible to search several satellites one after another for services. Set the Multi Sat Mode item to Multi, then the Satellite Name item becomes disabled and the Satellite List item becomes enabled. You can select the language in which the menu would be displayed. In addition to that, you can select the language of audio track and of subtitle track. The digital receiver provides menus in several different languages. Set the Menu Language option to your desired language. Once you select a language, the menu will be immediately displayed in the selected language. The service switching time is less than one second. The Teletext is supported by VBI insertion and programme event. Firmware update by over the air and USB stick facility is also present. It is a complete High Definition receiver with SCPC and MCPC receivable from C/Ku-band satellites.

The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) shows the current and scheduled programmes that are or will be available on each service with a short summary for each programme. You can have the digital receiver linked to another video device like a video recorder or a DVD player via the VCR SCART output. In this case, the digital receiver will operate differently depending on the setting of the VCR SCART Type option. If the option is set to Standard, the digital receiver will pass the video from the video device to your television when it starts playback. But if the option is set to External A/V, the digital receiver will not pass the video automatically. The receiver has Full Picture in Graphics (FPG) function. The signal tuner used by Topfield leaves a strikingly good impression. Weak signals, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be a problem for the receiver.



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