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Test Report for Dynavision DV 1000S

Dynavision DV 1000S

This is the latest combination of digital satellite receiver and personal video recorder set top box. Dynavision DV 1000S is a full-function personal video recorder and offering the ability to receive, pause, store, and play back satellite programming all from one compact set-top box.

The DV 1000S comes in standard size (375x 240x 60) and sports an extremely easy to read front panel display as well as two status LEDs to confirm commands sent by the remote control and to identify a locked tuner signal. The manufacturer has also added two CI slots behind a flap on the right side of the front panel and a total of seven backlit buttons for controlling the receiver without a remote control.

Turn the receiver around and you'll discover a perfectly equipped rear panel, providing the standard satellite input and loop-through output, 2 scart connectors, RCA jacks, USB port, S-VHS, RS-232 (CarryTV Service), S/PDIF, Analog video output and a main button for turning on and off the receiver completely. The manual supplied with the box is clearly written in English.

One of the important feature in DV 1000S is CarryTV. You can watch TV signal that the STB receives at a remote PC or a smart phone. To watch TV remotely, set CarryTV in the STB menu.

To watch TV remotely you must connect LAN Cable between the STB and your router or DSL modem and set CarryTV in the STB menu. After connecting wait 20-30 seconds to the STB for detecting LAN connection.

For Auto Configuration, set “DHCP” enabled then press red “i” button on the RCU for auto configuration and wait for a message. If you use a router supported UPnP, you will see the success message. Press “OK” button and move to “Authentication”.

If you connect the STB to DSL modem, cable modem or WAN directly and the network support DHCP, Auto Configuration will succeed even though the message shows “fails”. But you must set “Router IP address” and “Router port no”. manually. Router IP address = router's WAN IP address. Router port no.=554 (if you are using a firewall, we must allow the port no, for communication at the firewall setting.

You can access your router connected with the STB by typing IP address “ or” on web browser at your PC.

For Static IP Network, if you see the below message after doing auto configuration, then you will type setting manually (DHCP = Disabled, IP address = static IP address. Subnet Mask = subnet mask, Gateway = gateway IP address, Router IP address = same to IP address, Router port no. = 554, DNS 1,2 = DNS IP address).

After network setting you move to “Authentication” menu. Now you must register six digits authentication number to use CarryTV. Visit and proceed creating user ID and registering authentication number. Log-on with your ID and password. Download CarryTV Player for PC or smartphone to watch TV remotely. If we fail getting the authentication number, check IP address confliction and restart Network Setup.

After everything is done successfully then the service will be activated. Now you can enjoy the carryTV service.

The receiver also provides Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functions with dual Tuner capabilities when the user installs their own Hard Disk Drive. A Hard Disk Drive ranging from 80 GB to 120 GB can be installed. Depending on the HDD installed time shifting capability from 2-8 hours can be achieved, as well as up to 60 hours recording time.

As a digital set-top box, it can receive FTA broadcasts. Outstanding stability and comfort are it's built in features. The simple installation and operation, user-friendly three-dimensional OSD, highest quality audio output with Dolby Digital Audio, and advanced video clarity made for TV and VCR are all designed to enrich the viewer experience.

In addition to delivering more channels with its new highly sensitive tuner, DV 1000S boasts the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), for even better programme information on all channels, and information plate that enable subtitles and teletext for a bounty of useful information on programmes and broadcast signals.

As a PVR, DV 1000S utilizes the preloaded software functions by incorporating the hard disk drive. This allows for assorted trick play, diverse formats of recording, and recordings playback, all through the time-shift recording function.

Once the initial settings have been taken care of and the receiver is matched up with the TV, the next step takes you directly into the Installation menu so that all the external connections can be set up in the receiver. The Dynavision operates with two tuners that can receive channels in both DVB-S and DVB-S2 as well as in QPSK and 8PSK. In addition to DiSEqC 1.0, access to multiple satellite positions can also be accomplished with DiSEqC 1.1 for up to 16 LNBs as well as the motor control protocols DiSEqC 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS).

Thanks to the two fully functional DVB-S and DVB-S2 tuners, this receiver is capable of recording five channels with one channel time-shift playback and recording of five channels with one file playback. DV 1000S performed three kinds of channel search, including Manual Search, Advance Search and Automatic Search. USB 2.0 interface that can be used to link the receiver with external devices such as USB sticks, hard drives as well as digital cameras and MP3 players.

In case you want to record something interesting, just press the record button. It's also possible to select the recording start/stop time in the Timer menu, or use the EPG. In the latter you just have to select the show you're interested in, then press the button, which takes the programme name and start/stop times to the Timer menu, where it can be adjusted further. While recording, the receiver displays the remaining disk space on its segment display, so you will always know, how much more you can record.

Later all the recordings can be easily accessed in File Mode – Recorded Movies menu. The receiver has a hard disk drive inside. Therefore, you can record programmes without connecting any external recording such as VCR. The record mode window consists of category, operation, signal bar and progress bar. Signal bar shows the signal quality and signal level of a tuner used for the channel you want to record.

If you want the record start or record reserve, press Red Colour button. After reserve is activated, the record window is closed and reserved information is listed on the reserve list window. You can listen or edit the MP3 list in the PVR. Select the desired music to playback using the arrow buttons and then press the PLAY button to playback the music and press the STOP button to stop the current music. You can also rewind, forward, stop, play and pause using the additional buttons on the remote control while you are playing back a MP3.

The “Channel Attribute” feature allows you to display and change the attributes of the current channel. A window displaying the information about the current service is at the bottom of the channel attribute window. A channel attribute window will be activated during normal viewing by pressing the “ATTR” button. The reserved list enables you to display or delete view/record reserved services. It only operates with the “SCHEDULE” button on the remote control.

When you want to change the audio language of current services, press the GREEN button first. The on-screen menu is displayed on the left top side of the screen. DV 1000S also provides Teletext services. You can jump to a position directly by bookmark function in recorded programme playback. To search positions very quickly and easily, use bookmarks. The channel list may be arranged simple, advanced, alphabetic, favourite and genre.

Zapping is as fast as with satellite reception, EPG, Teletext, and all other features you're used to are also available. For DV 1000S PVR it doesn't matter, where the signal comes from. It will process it and produce a crystal clear picture, regardless, if it came from the satellite, or traveled a shorter distance, from your local TV tower.

DV 1000S has the ability to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. USB interface is very user-friendly; you can use a USB device for PVR recording. The overall positive impression of the DV 1000S is rounded off with standard features like selection of audio channel, teletext decoder or multi-picture viewing mode which helps you keep track of up to four channels simultaneously. That's a convenient way of bridging commercial breaks.



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