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Test Report for Nanoxx 9800HD

Nanoxx 9800HD

The front panel of Nanoxx 9800HD comes with six buttons used to operate the complete receiver. Two CI slots capable of working with all the popular modules, such as Irdeto, Nagravision, Cryptoworks or Viaccess along with a card reader for Conax, X-Crypt, DG-Crypt, Firecrypt and Crypton can all be found behind a flap on the right side of the front panel.

The rear panel is equipped with connectors on the new Nanoxx receiver. The 9800HD can be connected to a TV or projection system using the HDMI interface, the three RCA jacks for YUV, an S-Video jack, a CVBS jack as well as two Scart connectors. Exceptional audio is supplied by optical and coaxial S/PDIF outputs.

There’s even a good old RS-232 interface available that can be used to upload/download channel lists. It’s all topped off with a main power switch, something that you unfortunately don’t always find on other receiver brands.

The included remote control is just as elegant and sits nicely in your hands. The buttons are ideally labeled and after only a short time getting to know the remote you’d be able to operate every function blindfolded. All of the buttons are easy to reach and easy to depress.

After the receiver has been connected to the satellite antenna system and the TV and it has been turned on for the first time, the Installation Assistant immediately appears.

It is a very helpful tool when setting up the receiver for the first time. For the OSD (on-screen display) language, 25 choices are available including English, German, Turkish, Russian, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Serbian, Hungarian, Croatian, Albanian and Farsi.

153 European, Asian and American C and Ku-band satellites have been preprogrammed into the Nanoxx all with relatively up-to-date transponder data.

By pushing the menu button on the remote control, the Main Menu appears with the current TV image minimized to a small window in the upper right corner of the screen.

It was designed especially for high resolution TVs and is thus sharp and easy to read. It is divided into seven sub-menus (Installation, System Settings, Channel Settings, Child Protection, Games, Multimedia and Conditional Access.

Naturally, the receiver can also automatically recognize and take 4:3 signals and either display them with black bars on either side of the image on modern 16:9 TVs or zoom in on the image.

Even the on-screen display can be adjusted a variety of ways; for example, level of transparency and display time. Another useful feature is the Lip-sync option. In cases where the video and audio of a signal are not quite 100% synchronized, this feature lets you match them together.

Once all the basic settings have been taken care of, the 10,000 possible channels that can be stored need to be freed up of any unnecessary or unwanted entries.

After the channel list has been edited to your liking, a push of the Exit button takes you out of the main menu and the 9800HD switches to the first receivable channel.

After each channel change an informative Info bar appears that provides information on the current channel including language selection, teletext, encryption, subtitles, etc. as well as programming information on the current and upcoming programmes. Even signal strength and signal quality is displayed in the form of bar graphs.

Timer entries can also be handled directly from the EPG as can recording set-tings. For example, you can dictate whether the recording should end up on an external USB or e-SATA hard drive and also in what sub-folder it should be stored.

The Nanoxx 9800HD can record up to two programmes at the same time (SD and/or HD) on the hard drive while a third programme is either watched live or played back from the same hard drive.

Nanoxx 9800HD comes with a variety of other practical features that we briefly want to touch on here: there’s a PIP function (picture-in-picture) that lets you watch another channel during lengthy commercial breaks and also makes it easy to switch between these channels.



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