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Test Report for Topfield SBF-5400

Topfield SBF-5400

The SBF-5400 digital receiver is fully compliant with the international Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard, and thus is able to receive digital broadcasts of that standard. The front panel of the digital receiver has buttons to control the digital receiver, specific lamps and a display to indicate its status. The front display shows the current time in standby mode, and displays the current service in operation mode. The rear panel is equipped with S/PDIF, Serial port for firmware update and data transfer, LNB IN, LNB OUT and RCA jacks. Remote control supplied with the box has an easy access to all the functions. The user manual is written briefly in English.

Topfield SBF-5400‏ supports DiSEqC 1.0, DiSEqC 1.1, DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS protocols. It has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. The Topfield SBF-5400‏ is a top class receiver. This digital receiver can be operated with both fixed antenna and motorized antenna.

It is an MPEG-4 receiver, and also has alphabetic channels sorting functions. These 2 key functions make the receiver top of the list. Pressing the OK button on the Satellite Name option displays the satellite list in alphabetic order. Select the satellite toward which your antenna is set to face. Even if you cannot find your desired satellite, you can add your desired satellite to the satellite list. After setting all parameters, now it is time to start channel search. You can search pay services as well as free services. To search only free services, set the FTA/Scrambled option to FTA only. To search only pay services, set it to CAS only. To search both free services and pay services, set it to FTA + CAS. To start service search, select the Start Search item, then appears a box in which found services will be listed. When it has completed, press the OK button to save found services. To stop at any time or to exit without saving, press the EXIT button.

The digital receiver provides menus in several different languages. Set the Menu Language option to your desired language. Once you select a language, the menu will be immediately displayed in the selected language. When you are watching a programme, you can check its programme classification on the information box. You can prevent your children from watching specific programmes by specifying a programme. If anyone is trying to watch a programme that is of or above the censorship setting, the person has to enter the personal identification number to override. To change the number, select the Change PIN Code menu, then an input box appears. You have to enter a desired number twice for confirmation.

You can select a service to watch on a favourite list as well as on the services list. To display the favourite lists, press the FAV button. You will get a screen. As you move the highlight bar up or down on the favourite group list at the left box, favourite services belonging to the highlighted group are listed on the right box. If the electronic programme guide is provided on the current service, you can see the information about the current and next programmes with the button. On some services, such information as weather reports, news or stock quotations is provided by means of teletext. If the current service provides teletext, the teletext symbol will be displayed on the information box. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) shows the current and scheduled programmes that are or will be available on each service with a short summary for each programme.

It is possible to transfer the receiver data from the digital receiver to another SBF-5400 digital receiver by connecting them with an RS-232 cable. You can make your desired services to be presented at a specific time. Even if the digital receiver is in standby mode, it will switch into operation mode at a specified time. And it will switch back into standby mode again after the specified duration. However, if you press any button on the remote control or on the front panel even just one time, the digital receiver will not switch into standby mode. Topfield SBF-5400‏ is more user-friendly receiver. The design and layout will make you happy. Channel changing speed is very fast.



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