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Test Report for Premium HD 3000 High Speed DiSEqC Motor

Premium HD 3000 High Speed DiSEqC Motor

Nowadays we can find so many new satellite in all the world and so many new channels that really can not counting exactly how many channels we have in all the worlds. more people like to receive more channels.

If with the old system they want to do, they must put more dish in roof, It take more space and more cost . therefore what is the best solution.

We are suggest to have DiSeqC Motors. In simple explanation, DiSeqC Motors will allow you to move the dish to find several satellites in different position and view for more channels. Now is more popular between the people, now what is the necessary thing to have DiSeqC Motors system and how we can find the good models? it is very easy, necessary thing is: One receiver with support DiSeqC Motors , one dish and one DiSeqC Motor, and cable . For old motors, the positioner box was separate from motors but new DiSeqC Motors have inside positioner and you don't need to buy in separately, also you must care your DiSeqC Motor, with which size of dish can work, how many channel can store how is the speed of it? in here we want to introduce PREMIUM HD 3000 DiSEqC Motor this DiSeqC Motors is available in middle east and have high quality. At the first look, you can see the black DiSeqC Motor with 2 LED Buttons that can help you to manual move tube in East and West. Also have another functions that better check the manual book, Premium Hd DiSEqC Motor can fits with all popular dish with 42 mm tube and can support max 120 cm dish.

For Azimuth Angle can support in 80o East ~ 80o West ( 160o ) and Elevation Angle is 25~75o.

For speed of the Motor IS 2.2o / sec (at 13V) ; 3.1o / sec (at 18V)

For connection to receiver only need one coaxial cable and can save 60 Satellite Positions.

Premium Hd DiSEqC Motor work with any Receiver that has DiSEqC 1.2, 1.3, Goto X or USALS capability. A powerful solution if your favorite channels are spread over several satellites. Take full control of your receiver and enjoy more channels.

It is better that we give some detail about the USALS system:

Universal Satellites Automatic Location System (USALS), also known (unofficially) as DiSEqC 1.3, Go X or Go to XX is a satellite dish motor protocol that automatically creates a list of available satellite positions in a motorised satellite dish setup.

Compared to DiSEqC 1.2, it is no longer necessary to manually search and store every known satellite position. Just by pointing to a known satellite position (for example 13 ºE) is enough. This position will act as the central point. The USALS system will then calculate visible satellites position within the offset.

Premium Hd 3000 has 16 pre-store satellite position for USALS. you can see in below:

ATLANTIC BIRD 1 at 15 West

ATLANTIC BIRD 2 at 12.5 West

NILESAT 101, 102, ATLANTIC BIRD 4 at 7 West


AMOS 2/3 at 4 West

INTELSAT 10-02 at 1 West

SIRIUS 4 at 4.8 East

EUTELSAT W3A at 7 East

EUROBIRD 9A at 9 East

EUTELSAT W1 at 10 East

HOTBIRD 6,7A,8 at 7 East

EUTELSAT W2 at 16 East

ASTRA 1F/H/KR/L/M at 19 East

EUTELSAT W6 : 21.6 East

EUROBIRD 2 : 25.5 East



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