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Test Report for Star Sat SR-X3300 USB

Star Sat SR-X3300 USB

The Star Sat SR-X3300 USB is a truly solid performer, and well worth considering if it fits in with your current equipment stylistically. This receiver’s picture and sound quality are both top-notch, though, and it's an excellent companion. The VFD display is situated on the right side of the box. The four-digit display shows number of channel currently selected, and when the receiver is in standby mode, it shows the current time. You will also found a power button, Mode indicator (LED), remote sensor, smart card slot and a USB slot on the front panel.

The rear panel is equipped with RS-232: Serial Port allowing software upgrades, RCA jacks and a power button. The remote control will not disappoint you during operation and has an easy access to all functions. English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Arabic and Farsi are available languages for communication. During the installation, short information is displayed at the bottom of the menu screen. After you finish the setup procedure, you can start watching TV or listening to Radio.The pop-up menu for language selection will appears. Select one language and press the OK button to proceed. Press the MENU button to display the main menu. And menu is a field of text shown on the TV screen, the selected line generally become blue. Most of menus show short information at the bottom of screen. SR-X3300 USB support DiSEqC 1.0 and DiSEqC 1.2. It has the capacity to store 6000 TV and Radio channels. We were also really impressed with the pre-stored satellite memory which includes European and Asian satellite positions. If required, new satellites can easily be added manually. The transponder parameters is up to date. The box can be used with a C band or a Ku band antenna and even less common LOF values for example for S band signals – are processed faultlessly. Our first signal scan on an 80-transponder satellite was finished quite swiftly in little more than four minutes. Pressing the EPG button on the remote control offers an over SR-X3300 USB view of upcoming programs on the selected channel. The EPG layout is very easy to use and we believe Star Sat did a very good job with the overall EPG menu.

The channel switching time of the SR-X3300 USB is approximately one second on average until both video and audio of the chosen channel are provided. The generally perfect impression of the SR-X3300 USB is complemented by an integrated and very fast Teletext “decoder”. Press (TXT) button in TV mode to open the teletext page. This service is depending on the support of the channel provider. If the channel does not support teletext information, it will show “No Teletext Data” on the screen. The tuner used by Star Sat has left a very positive impression during our test. It features a very low threshold so that even very weak signals could be received without any glitch. Our SCPC test revealed that the SR-X3300 USB is able to reliably process signals with 1 Ms/s. or higher and our test transponder with 1.327 Ms/s. did not pose any problems for this box. The Zoom key allows you to magnify a certain area on the images and the current screen will show. In “MULTI” menu, you can choose channels’ preview window (static), starting from the current channel. Only the marked preview program is continuously playing. The channel list can be brought on screen by pressing the OK button of remote control. In TV mode, press INFO button can open information screen, in the window shows the parameters of current channel. program information will be displayed for a few seconds. In TV mode, press PIP button allows you to watch two channels from the same transponder at the same time. In recorded mode, during your watching, press (A-B) button to set up a starting point A, then set another point B by press (A-B) button again after a while, then it will start to playback from A to B and repeat the programs between this two points if no any interruption.

As this is a PVR box, but SR-X3300 USB need a hard drive to record programming, don’t you? Well, as it turns out, the SR-X3300 USB does not come with a built-in hard drive. Instead, you need to connect an external storage device. This could be an external hard drive but it could also be some other external storage device such as a memory stick. And that’s where the three USB 2.0 ports come into play. It can also be used as an MP3 player and a JPEG viewer so you can show off all those pictures you recently snapped on your last vacation to your relatives and friends.



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