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Test Report for Star Track SR 9090X

Star Track SR 9090X

The most trusted name in satellite electronics, Star Track has introduced their latest new receiver named SR 9090X for its customers. The entire system is packaged in an elegant cabinet that is available in black colour. On the front panel is a stand by indication button and remote control indication. The LED lights on when a key on the remote control is pressed. An easy-to-read VFD display is positioned on the left side. Two buttons, power and channel up & down are situated on the lower edge of the box. As expected from Star Track, the rear panel is nicely equipped: Programmable 12 volt out put, two scart connectors, RF out, Serial Interface RS-232, RCA jacks and a power button for turning on and off the box completely. The included user manual is of exceptional quality and describes even for the beginner all functions and settings of the SR 9090 X. The remote control will sit nicely in your hand.

The SR 9090 X is for the most part a plug & play receiver. Simply connect the receiver to the LNB, turn the box on and, thanks to the pre programmed channel list. It supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocols. Once the desired OSD language has been selected, the next step would take you to the tuner settings. From here you end up in the satellite list from which the desired satellites can be selected. The receiver comes preprogrammed with updated European satellites. The last and most important step of the installation assistant is the automatic channel scan. Six minutes was needed to scan 80 transponders without the network search activated. Of course a manual scan (with or without PID entry) is also available as is the ability to edit individual transponders, create new entries or delete existing ones.

Star Track SR 9090 X accepts up to 10000 TV and radio stations and can be edited to your heart’s con-tent. Apart from an automatic basic structuring it allows manually moving, deleting, renaming or PIN-locking individual entries. Just as easily, you can move channels you watch on a regular basis to a favourites list. This way you can build up genre-related personal lists, create a dedicated list or each member of your family can use a customised list all for him/herself. The scart connector delivers CVBS, S-Video or RGB signals, and users can predefine how 4:3 materials will be presented on a 16:9 com(Pan & Scan or original format with black bars to both sides). Even though hardly anyone will use it these days, it is even possible to set signal output at 4:3 for older TV sets.

There are two types of recording method namely Time Reserved Recording and Event Reserved Recording. In Event Reserved Recording, EPG screen choose the event you wish to reserve or record. At any time, you may press the record button of remote control to start your recording instantly. During recording, you may press record button to edit recording duration time. As it defaulted to 2 hours but you may increase or decrease as you desire. The time shift buffer has been extended. In addition you can have the receiver add a preset number of minutes before and after each timer recording to make sure not to miss a thing in case a channel does not stick precisely to its schedule. Once the initial configuration is finished all you have to do is press the Exit key on the remote to prompt the receiver to exit the main menu. It immediately switches to the first available channel on the list and inserts a small info bar on the bottom of the screen. It includes information on the currently showing event, a progress bar to show how far into the event you are, as well as details regarding the active tuner, satellite and transponder. Additional icons provide information on available services such as teletext, subtitles, additional audio tracks, or whether you are currently watching an encrypted or multifeed channel. All this is rounded off with two bars indicating signal strength and signal quality. Beware of these values, how-ever, as we have found that they might not be 100% accurate, especially when it comes to weak signals. If you press the Info key the receiver will display additional content information on the current event, if provided by the channel. While you’re using the EPG the Info key brings up detailed information on the selected event, which can be marked to create a timer entry for a recording or reminder. It could not be easier to create a timer entry – yet of course there is always the option left to create a manual entry as well if you do not want to be restricted to scheduled-defined begin and end times.

The OK button calls up the channel list, which sports a convenient design and offers a whole range of sorting options. If desired the receiver can even display provider details for each channel. Press the blue button on the remote control to display multi pictures and red button display 9 or 12 multiple pictures option.



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