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Test Report for WizTech WIZ-9555 HD CA Ci Super

WizTech WIZ-9555 HD CA Ci Super

HD Satellite receivers are being introduced in markets by different satellite receivers manufacturers. One of such receiver is WIZ-9555 HD CA Ci Super.

The WIZ-9555 HD CA Ci Super is simple but elegant. On the front panel you will find an extremely easy to read VFD display. We can see the number and name of the channel we are tuned to or the title of the menu we are in. Of course, in standby mode, it shows the present time.

There are five buttons on the front panel for controlling the whole system without remote control. There is also USB port, smart card reader and PCMCIA, that are used to receive pay-TV service you need on the front panel. The rear panel has everything what a HD receiver should have.

The rear panel is equipped with IF input and output, HDMI interface for HD Ready TV-sets, RS-232 interface for upgrading receiver software and YPbPr output for those who can not use HDMI, S/PDIF, two scart connectors, USB port and a power switch for turning on and off the receiver completely. The video signal can be delivered via Scart in RGB and CVBS modes. Additionally, multiple modes are available for the 4:3 and 16:9 screen sizes. Along with the PAL standard, the receiver can also handle NTSC signals and can even be set to automatically switch between the two standards. The remote control will easily sit in your hand. Especially noteworthy is the detailed user manual; it is logically written and explains every function of this receiver in easy to understand steps.

The WIZ-9555 HD CA Ci Super Receiver is definitely multilingual in terms of the on-screen menu languages. Since this is a twin tuner PVR both tuners can be operated in three different modes. In Loop Mode, only one satellite signal source is needed since the input signal is looped-through from the first tuner to the second tuner. In this case, while one channel is being recorded, not all of the remaining channels will be available on the second tuner. In Twin Mode, two identically switched satellite signal sources are routed to both tuner inputs so that every channel is available on both tuners at the same time. WIZ-9555 HD CA Ci Super supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocols. During the installation, it is actually quite easy with a single push of a button to set up the LNB and DiSEqC parameters for each individual satellite. In addition to the two motor control protocols, the WizTech also supports DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.1 and is therefore capable of handling multi-feed reception using up to 16 LNBs.

In the Channel Editing menu, everything is geared towards organizing the channel and transponder lists. As many as 10,000 channels can be stored and in this menu they can be deleted, moved, renamed, locked out with a PIN code or transferred into one of the favorites lists. When all tasks are finished, the channel search will start. We were absolutely impressed with the speed with which the WizTech performed this task. After just over three minutes it had completed a full scan of our 90-transponder test satellite. If you need to customise the receiver according to your personal preferences the system settings menu is the place to go. Language options include a range of settings for audio, EPG, teletext and subtitles, while media settings can be changed to adjust the video output. Setting the internal clock and managing timer entries is also child’s play in this menu. Whenever a new channel appears on screen a clearly arranged info bar is inserted on the bottom of the screen. It presents information on the cur-rent program as well as status icons referring to teletext,sub-titles,encryption, Dolby Digital audio, child lock or HD contents, among other things.

After pressing OK button, the channel list is presented. Except for sorting by satellite or by channel name, we can conveniently organize the channels directly from this window. Interesting that we can add the selected channel to more that one favorite list.



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