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Test Report for Azbox Premium HD + HDTV PVR

Azbox Premium HD + HDTV PVR

The Azbox Premium HD + digital receiver is fully compliant with the international Digital Video Broadcasting(DVB) standard, and thus is able to receive digital broadcasts of that standard. The front panel of the Azbox Elite/Premium HD + has buttons to perform basic functions such as changing channels, adjusting volume, and powering on and off. And specific LEDs and a display to indicate its status.

Azbox HD Premium + is a true High-end receiver, with two plug and play tuner slots (You can make combinations as You like it with DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C ).

As this receiver is capable to receive all kind of signals, from satellite, terrestrial and cable networks, it is also complete Full HD 1080p media player capable to preview all kind of media (video, audio, pictures) contents. Also it has integrated plug-ins which allow you to browse internet, RSS Reader and YouTube player.

You can enjoy in this internet entertainment without connection your Azbox Premium HD + to your router with wired cable, because Azbox Premium HD + comes with integrated Wi-Fi module. The Azbox Premium HD + that we tested lets you receive not only DBS-S2 signals in MPEG2 but also signals in the newer MPEG4 compression.

There are different buttons on the front panel that let you work through the menu system without the need of the remote control. The dominant feature on the front panel would have to be the 13-character alphanumeric display.

It shows not only the channel name but also provides information on a number of the menu functions. The two CI slots plus the Conax card slot lets the box receive up to three different encryption systems at the same time. This is especially critical since HDTV is mostly available with encrypted Pay TV packages. The rear panel is equipped with all necessary connections, thus make an easy task to gain access to maximum channels.

The remote control does not look very ergonomic but due to the very nice feel you have when pressing the buttons, you start liking it very soon. This is the first important point for a die hard channel surfer. Azbox Premium HD + is revolution in the digital high definition world. This revolution will open your eyes and you will see the amassing real 1080P high definition picture of the AZbox HD receiver series. Next to the real 1080P high definition you will get features like PVR, ethernet, USB connection, YouTube and mind blowing menus for an affordable price.

When you turn the receiver on for the first time it takes up to a minute for it to boot up, this does not just happen the first time you do it. Every time that you remove the power supply from the device you will have to endure the 50 or so seconds it takes for it to boot. However, since most of us leave equipment on standby you won’t have any problems as it take a couple of seconds to start up from the standby position.

Going through the installation options I found it relatively easy to set up all the satellites I wanted to receive and the menu has been designed to make it effortless to search a satellite/TP, add/remove a satellite/TP and do all the things you need to do. There is a GoGo list which will download a list of all the channels for the selected satellite, however, this sound a lot better than it is. The GoGo list works great, except that you can’t choose the TP(s) to update, nor can you choose FTA channels over pay channels. Essentially what you get is every single channel that is available on a given satellite and you end up spending ages deleting all the unwanted channels. Having said that, the ability to delete multiple channels at the same time is a great feature.

One not so great feature is the favourite list, you can create up to 50 of them, each can have 200 channels. Sounds superb but in reality the lack of dedicated favourite button on the remote makes access to a favourite list a nightmare. To access your favourite list follow these steps: “Press ok” Brings up list of channels. “Press Exit” Exits the selection of the current channel. “Press right 5 times” I kid you not, you have to press right five times to get to the favourite list. “Press ok” to access the favourite lists. “Scroll down to desired list and press ok” and you’re there. Very few people will be using any of the favourite lists on this receiver.

Channel changing is acceptable, the PVR works like a dream and even kids could operate it. The time shift works easily. You may record one channel while watching another channel. Software update is fast and the receiver makes it easy to update. Picture quality is amazing, very crisp and clear; BBC HD looks incredible, even on an SD TV. I can confirm for those wondering, yes you can edit the channel position, what you have to do is move the channels then restart the receiver before attempting to watch any channel.

At TV/Radio part, Azbox Premium HD + high quality hardware with clear picture function make you enjoy the High definition images like never saw.

At software on TV Part this receiver is very easy to operate, simple to navigate on all menus and at same time you can personalize almost parameters related with reception of audio and video.

Azbox becomes one of small number of receiver that can be able to reproduce full 1080p contents; this picture is much clearer, showing more details, and more relaxing for your eyes. Enter the full HD world with Azbox Premium HD +.

Time Shift will able you to stop live broadcasting and shift back the time where you wish to watch from the previously broadcasted. With Azbox Premium, you can enjoy a 7 Days EPG (Electronic program guide). You can also plan record of your favorite programs based on EPG data. At EPG we also have search function to don’t lose your favourite programs and shows.

The Azbox Premium HD + can be connected to the Internet using a cable or wireless. This gives users accesses to web browsing, e-mail, RSS news, weather forecast and even accesses to YouTube.

Azbox Premium HD + is equipped with two CI slots (Common Interface) as well as one card readers that provide a wide range of decoding options, this means Azbox Premium HD + is optimally prepared for any future developments in encryption standards.

With Your Azbox Premium HD + you can comfortably surf on internet using Azbox browser, read your news using RSS news reader, or simply watch you favorite YouTube movies suing our YouTube portal.

Azbox Premium HD + model is also equipped with a Wi-Fi module, with this hardware you can have internet at your Azbox Premium HD + without need cross your home with Ethernet cables.

One of or top hardware features is that the tuners can be easily switched so you can easy transfer you DVB-S2 receiver at one combo receiver. You have all freedom to picku any desired combination that more adjusts to your needs (Available tuners: DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S2, ATSC and ISDB-T.

With the Media Centre functionality you can watch and listen to various media files from MP3 to mkv-files even with subtitles and also watch your personal photos. All this by simply a USB stick with the media files in your Azbox Premium HD +.

It’s also possible to copy your USB stick content to the hard disk or access your media files direct over your local network.

With the Media Player functionality you can watch and listen to various media files from Mp3 to MKV files (with support for subtitles) and also watches your photos. All this by simply plugging a USB stick with your media files, it’s also possible to copy your USB stick content to the internal disk drive or access your media files direct over your local network. Program related information and system operations are displayed via the 11-digit vacuum fluorescence display (VF display) on the elegant front panel of the receivers.

The display of teletext is based on transmitted data using the EBU Teletext specification and DVB Bitmap and can only be viewed on a TV that supports teletext. You can connect the digital receiver to the computer. Then you can copy files to or play files through the network. It is a Linux operating system receiver.



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