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Test Report for Topfield TMS SRP-2100

Topfield TMS SRP-2100

The first thing we noticed is that Topfield reworked all of the on-screen display (OSD) texts. While the English version of the OSD was always presented correctly, it was the localized languages in older software versions that had problems.

For example, some help texts or menu points were presented in English even though it was supposed to be a German OSD. When it comes to network settings, Topfield integrated a profile system similar to what you'd find in a PC. The user can set up as many as five different network profiles that can then be accessed with the push of just one button. If, for example, you regularly take your receiver to your vacation house in the mountains, you don't have to change all the net-work settings manually every time you move the receiver between your home and the vacation house; instead you simply store two different profiles that are matched to each location and select the appropriate one.

Many people are familiar with the little blue bird that all friends and relatives use from around the world and with just a few words manage to stay in touch with each other and take part in each other's lives. Topfield is the first manufacturer that has taken this exciting new social networking service and incorporated it into a home multimedia device that now opens up new and thus far unheard of dimensions in a receiver.

Radio With the integration of the YouTube video platform, Top fieldh as given the SRP2100TMS quite a boost to its potential starting sales. With the integration of the SHOUT-cast Internet radio service, Topfield has added to this boost. Thousands of radio stations from around the world are currently accessible through SHOUT cast and are only waiting for the opportunity to be heard through the new Top-field receiver. The integration of this streaming service into the receiver was handled so perfectly that no feature is missing that you would other-wise expect to see on a PC.

MP3 lovers will also approve of the facelift Topfield gave to its MP3 player that now comes with the ability to mark entire folders for play back; now you can enjoy your favorite music for hours at a time and with-out any interruptions. A variety of small bugs were also fixed such as for example the lack of audio available from the digital audio output after a restart of the receiver and the lack of EPG information after surfing through a number of channels. In our tests, we no longer saw any of these problems in the new software version.

Player Last but not least, Topfield gave a slight improvement to their media player. Now a variety of subtitle formats can be displayed so that those who are hard-of-hearing may also enjoy exciting movies. On top of that the trans-port stream format of older 5000 series Topfield models is now also supported so that recordings can simply be copied to the hard drive of the new receiver for playback. In this way, you won't lose any older recordings if you should upgrade to Topfield's latest model.

Topfield SRP2100TMS is a Twin HD satellite tuner 500GB high-end PVR and internet media device. It is fully compliant with DVB-S and DVB-S2 (HD) and supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS. The box has the capacity to store up to 7,000 TV channel and 3,000 radio channels. It displays Picture-In-Picture (PIP) with two HD services and supports time-shift up to 5 hours at maximum.

This box records two services at the same time while displaying another service and can record directly to an external hard drive as well as the built-in hard drive (Using USB/eSATA ports), watch YouTube when connected to broadband via RJ45. Playback compressed video files (DivX etc.) and view JPEG images. The receiver can plays back recorded programmes at up to 64 times speed at maximum and provides a network game named battle tank.



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